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Could be that forces opposing the existence of anything outside the leftist-controlled Reddit, Facebook, etc. are deploying the SPAM bots to help enable violations as a pretext for getting platforms shut down.

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It could be. We've had people posting gross, racist, and otherwise deplorable things, regularly as obvious low frequency spam for lame efforts to lower the quality of the site. Doing such was always a common and effective way at attacking reddit subs. People would just spam racist stuff to the channel they don't like with alt accounts, then report the channel for being racist. Fascists love censoring.

On the other hand, scammers, hackers, and spies frequently use fake cracked software to spread their trojan malware. They can use it after people install their software to steal info, crypto-lock-ransom, or just sit on the computer waiting, so they can use your computer as a proxy for their other dirty deeds.

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People who aren't "racist" are probably brain dead.