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Are you secretly a deep cover powermod from Reddit who is working to undermine Reddit alternatives?

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Anyone who wants a position of power, is very likely not acting in good faith. M7 not appointing randos to power positions is probably a big reason why site hasn't shut down like voat and ruqqus and so on

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M7 not appointing randos to power positions

Not entirely accurate.

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Credit u/phooey

I’ll never forget, like 2 years ago. Some other guy was from like Huston. And he came here m. He was like, “hi said it, I’m from Houston, I’d like to run the inactive sub”. Majora gave it to him.

Then like 2 days later. He got in here like, “HUSTON IS NOW CHRISTAN ONLY”. “The glory of god will save Huston and all of you bastards”. “This sub is religion only”.

Man, the power went to his head so fast. He just totally lost it, modding a saidit sub 😂😂😂. God, I don’t know if he got bored. I just know, that was funny as shit. And I wish whatever was going on went on for a bit longer.

You guys, who want to come in and mod subs.

Ahhh ducking chuckle fucks.

What subs do you want?

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the main objective for saidit right now is growing its user base and produce better content, making whatever policy changes that adapts to those goals, right?

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Good luck with any of that.
We're better off forging a new decentralized network with self-regulating communities.

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if reddit were to pause 3rd party apps we will see growth across all of its alternatives though.

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Nah, Lemmy is already that and they have like 100 users total.

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Because lazy people won't migrate to and adopt better platforms, if only that it puts more power in the hands of the communities and individuals.

By the time you wish you'd evolved it might be too late.

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If I get paid in enough peanuts or mobilecoin a month, I'll janny.

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Nobody is. Saidit is under attack by a group of paid posters who continually post disruptive shit, and there's nothing anyone can do because of m7's free speech principle.

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/u/Chipit is a long-time poster who consistently and regularly posts dissident political content, quite unlike what paid posters are employed to do. He's a great example of what this site needs more of. The group of paid posters that plague this site consider him a threat, which is all you need to know.

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It's worse than that. M7 refuses to let the trusted members of the community have any say in how the community is run. No self-managing community here under M7's bloated ego. Thus, why should anyone give a fuck? Nothing to invest, nothing to lose.

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Then leave. You've been complaining about the same thing for literally years and doing nothing about it. You're all talk, you should just leave if you hate it so much. Instead you spend hours a day here, at a place you supposedly hate and think is a failure.

Must not be that bad if you're here literally every day for years on end?

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Yes, I have complained for years, and I have tried many things. And I've paid with my own limited money. SaidIt is full of talk, egos, retards, and almost no action. I wish I was but I simply am not a admin, coder, or Linux guru. My skills lie elsewhere. Find me a better place and I'll definitely go there.

SaidIt is both good and bad with pros and cons - and you should know that. Your argument is weaker and inauthentic when you lump it all together. If you want a discussion in good faith let me know.

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Who is responsible for appointing other mods to an abandoned sub?



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Which subs?