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    Yeah there are definitely problems with mods running too many subs on reddit, not sure what OP is on about. Some of them run thousands of subs. It's not okay. I support the fact that on saidit there's a limit for how many subs one person can mod, makes sense to me

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    I support the fact that on saidit there's a limit for how many subs one person can mod, makes sense to me

    I didnt know that existed, pretty cool.

    But a saidit user can just create multiple accounts. It's possibly worse since we can't track a person running multiple saidits.

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    But a saidit user can just create multiple accounts.

    Exactly. The whole concept is bullshit.

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    Ah, the good old days when we didn't need facial recognition and background checks just to create a social media account.

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    There are thousands of subs on SaidIt. Having 40 or even 100 doesn't make for a powermod - especially when that mod doesn't flex the power. magnora7 has implemented pre-crime to keep some folks down pretending it's for good optics when really no one cares but him and his ego. Punish the sinner AFTER they actually sin. Meanwhile his own optics are for shit.

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    By your definition, someone with a thousand subs who doesn't moderate anything (ie. wield power) is still a "powermod".
    That square doesn't circle.

    Who cares who how many subs anyone has or who actually moderates them?

    The real issues are that centralized control corrupts and/or dominate discourse with their agendas - and critically, the owners/admins/management of Reddit not only allow their ESG corruption, they encourage it, when they could easily stop it at any time.

    magnora7 made a bullshit arbitrary 40 sub max rule specifically for me (as if I'm the only one with more than 40). With most of the active subs I created, I not only invited 20 or more other folks to moderate (NOT centralized), but I also gave most of them away (and they remain not updated). The vast majority of my current subs have rare posts or are empty, being as they are primarily fringe topics or potential projects I hope to one day develop further.

    Few folks on SaidIt give a fuck about SaidIt much less the banner, CSS, or sidebox information. I'd dump all my subs today if magnora7 returned mod status upon request so I could improve the sub. Sure it could be annoying to him, but it's his stupid rule. However, the fact remains that magnora7 refuses to engage my dialogue in comments or messages - other than to try to discipline me for calling out his piss poor management of SaidIt and wasted potential. Further, he's been a proven liar in the past. So how could I possibly trust his word anyway. His ego always gets in his way - and is the worst thing to happen to SaidIt since its inception.

    Yes, I sound angry - only because he's brought things to this boil.
    Since he wants a fight over empty subs, I'll give it to him.

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    Brother, not everything is about you. Maybe try not to take internet drama quite so seriously.

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    Clearly you've completely missed the point, intentionally.
    I wouldn't be surprised if you're a magnora7 alt.

    There is a global class war on and we need bottom-up alternatives and solutions - and this front SaidIt has failed.

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    It's long overdue that he stop lying to folks instead of perpetuating this bullshittery and the arbitrary 40 subs max rule.

    How does your user profile say Moderator of these 5 subs "and 49 more"?