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Yeah this seems to be intended, bans here prevent you from posting and replying. The lack of a downvote feature has probably prevented this from becoming problematic, people are generally happy to get upvoted even if they've banned you

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Ah lack of downvotes explains it I guess.

people are generally happy to get upvoted even if they've banned you

Lucky bastards that their sub still interests me and they get my karma for free

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Is that a sub thats visible on s/all? If it is they are not supposed to ban people unless they've done something against the site rules and even then a warning first is usually standard procedure. They get delisted from it if they start making up their own ban rules. Idk what happened here, but from what I've seen you haven't been acting outrageously, so I thought I'd let you know the usual policy on that in case one of those mods is acting out of turn. Here the s/all subs are public, and they can't just ban you if they don't like your opinion

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It's not visible on /s/all because they're not popular.

They didn't arbritrarily ban me no. Anyway I do think one of the mod's reading comprehension fucked me over. I learned just after the ban I wasn't really a member of the sub I was just a "guest" so I should have been more conservative with my speak as I wasn't really a member.

I see no point I'm getting with the admins on this. The moderator didn't do anything wrong, technically speaking. And I wouldn't want their sub fucked when I should have been more careful with how I approached a community I was just a guest in.

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Ah OK, yeah, if they are not visible on s/all they are considered private, and they can do whatever they want. Just wanted to make sure you weren't getting treated unfairly by any of the mods on the public subs

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Lucky to have a friendly helpful user who isn't a incel or spam r-words :)

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Yeah we get some of that here unfortunately. It comes with the alternative site territory I think, some really cool people come through here, and some toxic people too. I just use the block button if users aren't going to do anything other than name calling

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They choose to not be on /all because the rules allow them to mod however they want that way. It won't happen on other subs.