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Here is a recent discussion on this topic (with participation of /u/magnora7):

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I see.

No we can't change it, because turning down tor limitations results in tons of spam accounts and spam posts that make this site even more unusable.

Try having a fixed IP, or just turning off VPNs. VPNs are largely just honeypots anyway...

Guess that's that then. Been a pleasure.

Thanks for sharing. I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

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Please consider visiting, which is meant to be as accessible as possible, including via Tor. It's in the beginning stages so there aren't many users right now. I will approach subreddits and ask them if they want to establish their community there.

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Cloudflare delivers Error.

In all fairness, seems the site is down.

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Care to try again? It works for me. It could have been a momentary thing.

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What makes the Cloudflare algorithm determine my connection is "Safe"?

Does it only work when my connection can be decrypted?

It took me about 30 tries to login to make this post.

Some problem-solving is okay, as long as it doesn't harvest my browsing history (such as reCAPTCHA).

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Even plain Firefox is blocked by CloudFlare. They want to force you to use Google Chrome. This also wasn't a problem until a few months ago.

I'm usually able to log in on a PC. On a touchscreen device it's almost impossible. It tries to see if your mouse movements look human, so I guess there's just no way to verify on mobile.