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This list would get really really long, I believe there are more spammers than actual users on this site

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Can we even trust OP?

I'm not gonna go through each user to actually check if they're a spammer. If I stumble upon a spammer I'll block them. It's easier just friending users you believe are engaging in real discussions.

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But somebody investing the effort into starting a list like this, I welcome.

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I don't know. Someone on /s/wayofthebern could have a different take on what is a spammer compared to, say /s/lgbdropthet.

Spammer lists will bring their personal biases. And I doubt anyone on this website would be truly unbiased.

Better just block spammers when you stumble upon one and with your judgement.

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It's too much effort to block each spammer with 1 post, maybe they'll never post a second one.

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Good point. Just block spammers that actively disrupt you as an individual or your community if you're a moderator. It's a better way to handle things.

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In recent times, has been grappling with an influx of spammers infiltrating the platform. These malicious actors have been relentlessly bombarding the site with unwanted promotional content and misleading links. Among the prominent offenders is the website whose persistent spamming practices have raised concerns within the community.'s moderation team is actively working to curtail these spammers and maintain a spam-free environment for its users.

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lol spammer ai bot saying they are the spammer