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those 'welcoming' comments!!! XD

So stop crying and abide the rules

Think of it like that Fight Club scene where they have to stand outside the house.

We all had to abide by this same rules when we got here. Nobody owes you shit, faggot

so funny! :-))

sounds like military / war culture. lines from a hollywood war movie.. authoritarian, not to say fascistic.

and the corporate style banner:

  W  E  L  C  O  M  E
we're glad you are here!

its like

please hold the line, your call is important to us

and i use voat.

i almost forgot: thanks for the laugh man and welcome to saidit !

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A fine compliment, thanks man.

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welcome to saidit :) and their a bunch of lying backstupid real jew kike faggot foreskin nibblin (got that bit from the warfa superstation on 3.908 MHz) mofo hypocrites

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You quoting voat or saidit?

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voat, with a bit taken from listening to the WARFA net, rofl

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would be but is too dead. voat is pretty dead too but less so. I post on both, I need to get replies to my messages within an hour, and if I make a post it should have like 10 replies within a day.