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I agree, it's why I left voat. Too much "jew" this, and "nigger" that really gets on my nerves. It's like fucking /pol/, it went waaaaay passed just being edgy teens.

Saidit is better, and I hope it can survive.

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those posts will eventually get noticed by radian 6 or whatever other algorithm intelligence agencies use, they will then create the desired reaction to engender the final solution

That's not quite the goal I think. Otherwise Voat would be shut down. It's a honeypot. And those agencies are probably the ones doing it.

Think how valuable it must be to have the IP addresses and times (which for the government means name and address) of all those racists on Voat. They don't even have to send any request to the admins, they just make some pop up image hosting server or fake news page, post it a few times and done.

Here's a fun little experiment. Ask one of them if you should be using TOR and encryption. You'll usually get something along the lines of "if the government wants to know who I am then they know. No point in hiding it." Which may be true, but the purpose behind the comment is to dissuade.

Watch what they want you to do. For example they often give search alternatives to DDG, often with some poorly cited allegation of corruption on the part of DDG, which is how you know to trust that search engine.

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i m against ddg. it is using amazon web services. that means cia/nsa

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Maybe you're right, I don't really know. All I know is I've seen lots of people whom I believe are shills (for unrelated reasons) that share the common trait of telling people not to use it. Almost always with a recommendation for something they would prefer you used.

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So use Google instead of DuckDuckGo. :P

There's also:

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Almost always with a recommendation for something they would prefer you used.

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I suspect Tor is a trap too. Developed by the Navy + they caught Silk Road = not secure.

What you barely hear about is ZeroNet, IPFS, the Fediverse, and Holochain. And I've never heard anyone saying they were a scam (yet).

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Tor is definitely compromised, no question. Using Tor is like putting a target on your back, imo

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Interestingly enough, after I enabled Tor due to this comment, SaidIt gave me permission refused errors. This means that SaidIt doesn't support Tor…

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Anywho, thanks!

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Last in my SaidIt wish list I have:


  • open transparent statistics

  • registered user numbers, traffic, etc

I put it last because I was just curious, as a fan about the growth numbers, etc and didn't think it that important, nor did I think my geeky interest might be shared. And yet, now it might be very important.

I'm all for keeping your identity and private messages private but everything else should be transparent.

I'd like to see a red flag and/or anti-semitism and/or "hate speech" vote and or option.

At present there's a "report" option with

  • Spam

    • Personal and confidential information
    • Threatening, harassing, or inciting violence
    • Other

I don't know if this is where these options should be added or what. I'm certainly not even saying these need to be acted upon (ie. deletion). "Hate speech" is such a loaded term anyway. But if we can at least statistically track much of the problemic content then that may help us root out the problems and deal with them as required. Right now it's about collecting information - openly. To be informed and prepared and to rationally deal with it.

/u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr - If you're going to add a "read/unread" you might as well also add metatags and red flags and start counting.

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registered user numbers

go to and look at the most popular sub to see the registered user numbers. This is how we look it up, it's already open.

Thanks for the ideas

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I see posts about the numbers but I don't see how to get to those numbers.

"Just for fun I dug deep and had a look at all the stats for saidit and wanted to share."

Sharing is good. Open numbers is better.

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I literally just told you how... It's already open.

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Go to look at the most popular sub on the list, it says how many people are subscribed

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Sorry. I was looking at popular posts not subs. Twice.

I guess no one unsubs from technology.

Any chance you could put a total registered subscribers number in the footer or top right corner? "SaidIt: 8 Billion Served". Maybe with a link to a registered user list (if folks get weird about it).

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8 trillion.

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Any chance you could put a total registered subscribers number in the footer or top right corner?

No, this is a 5-hour project that involves a bunch of database calls and javascript and serves little purpose. The subscribed number is good enough

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Are jews semites though? I think a hate speech vote is a little over the top.

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I don't care about whether they are or aren't. Whatever the flag is called is up to you. I'm just talking about tracking it since there's no effective search utility. Of course this would require active participation. And our crowd, myself included, are only human and not remotely as disciplined as we could be, if even just for capitals on proper nouns, much less self monitoring and maintaining an arbitrary flag.

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So if you were admin of saidit, how would you handle this?

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I would watch these users closely. I don’t know how to combat what alduin calls a honeypot. I’d suppose a public inquiry into the matter would work. There should be a sub for these matters. It’s not that bad now but if they flood all to the point where they take up the majority of posts something should be done. But then again, freespeech, so I don’t know.

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I would watch these users closely.

Yes, been doing this for weeks.

I’d suppose a public inquiry into the matter would work.

That's what this thread is, is it not?

It’s not that bad now but if they flood all to the point where they take up the majority of posts something should be done.

By then it's probably too late, once they're rooted in it's hard to remove and you wind up with a site like voat where you can no longer tell the legitimate users from the racist shills.

So now what would you do?

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Jesus Christ, I don’t know.

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Alright, after a lot of thought, I think we're going to make a rule change soon, no upvoting yourself with alternate accounts. Seems the only reasonable way to move forward.

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Seems hard to enforce when the alts can come from different IP addresses. Although I could see how a pattern might be easier to see when usernames are shown with votes.

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And also when they always link to the same site, or use the same odd phrases. There's lots of ways to piece together the puzzle

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Yeah now you know how I feel.

I guess the only course of action is to ban those who are upvoting themselves, and make a new rule to that effect.

Either that or just try to ignore it and let it fester and fester in the name of "free speech". But I guess upvoting yourself with alt accounts has nothing to do with speech so I shouldn't feel bad about it.

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Don't feel bad. I haven't even seen MartinTimothy argue back on this matter (not that I've even come close to reading all of SaidIt).

Pick a phrase:

  • free speech vs free speech unfairness / rigging

  • free speech vs drowning out free speech

  • free speech vs artificial amplification

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artificial amplification is the problem, one person creating the false appearance of group consensus

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Quarantine their submissions into their own subs. The submission titles can't be refuted without clicking on the comments.

The crazy comments can easily be debunked, or ignored. Plus, they rarely respond to comments in a coherent way.

It's unlikely that they will reach out to you to appeal their quarantine. If they do, that would be progress. Take that opportunity to consider their appeal, motivations, etc. If they don't then they may make new accounts, and get back at it.

It's a terrible option, but doing nothing is getting nothing but vigorous debate.

Vigorous hand-wringing intensifies!

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Not that I want anyone outed, but maybe as admin you can see their IP addresses - and if they're all coming from one region or one VPN or whatever...

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hmmmm, almost seems like it's time to run for the hills, once realizing the discussion is over buzz words, phrases, or beliefs that can get an entire website deleted.... What was that thing Voltaire said??? lol

One way, or another, we're presently living in 'that world', the one of almost nightmares; tune into tomorrow, or you may miss the reactive programming you'll need in order to not be penalized that day going forward....

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It’s happened in China. The US isn’t far behind. Half the stuff written here, we’d be jailed in China. Mental hygine “dissident” laws are coming.

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your the shill, go backout