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Saidit isn't a corporation. Magnora7 runs the site because he believes there should be a free-speech site out there. He turned on an aggressive CloudFare setting because the site was being spammed and it was the simplest way to deal with it.

He listens to criticisms, but not to aggressive whining; and he just doesn't have that much time to spend on site issues. Because this isn't a business. It's someone's side project.

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Thank you for understanding how this site actually works.

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It's our site just as much as his. He should listen to us because we care about this place and want it to succeed. If not he should at least add new admins to fix the issues people have.

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It's our site just as much as his.

No, it's really not. It's his. If you want to make one, it's not that hard. Several people on here have their own site. But this one is magnora7's.

He's made you a place where you can say all your incel shit and not get banned; you don't pay him one dime for his trouble; this all comes across as really fucking ungrateful and entitled.

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You have an account for 15 days and claim to know all about Saidit? Everything you've posted and discussed is false, sadly.

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It's sneako/yabbit/whatever

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Thanks for the info. Seems he's in an opposite universe where everything is in the form of dumb schizo talking points, from far right social media websites, which is worse than what I recall of his earlier posts and comments.

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He's incel first of all, and a fan of right-wing grifters like Andrew Tate or Elon Musk (he just made "elonmusk7" account).

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Something I've perhaps learned on Saidit is that the disinformation of the far right has reached in its followers a level of psychosis. Today on the BBC news they interviewed a pro-Trump supporter outside the courtroom - a middle-age lady - who said genuinely that if Trump is put in jail 'we'll go home and get our guns and start a civil war'. Part of me wants to see them try and fail at that. But it's sadly much worse to have the normalization of some of their insane beliefs in the daily news and across all social media. And of course the rest of the world is watching this small group of schizo dumbasses, sometimes identifying them as standard Americans.

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And I'm tired of shills pretending to be users to try and manipulate me to make this site more open to attacks... It's not working...

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"We stood by something so we are owed something" Not really. What do you want them to give you, money? It's a site that is available for you to use. That is your dividend for being here. Same as any site.

Maybe you could try diversifying the sites you use so you don't have to hound any particular dev, holding them solely responsible for your online experience.

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Why don't you program a better alternative? Of course you won't respond.

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Well, he especially won't respond because he got banned four hours ago...

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Yabbit will return, it has been foreseen.

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saiditor for 16 days


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Let's take the power back by shitposting for 24 hours

Yes, that will bring the powerful to their knees.