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I actually noticed that on the phone app waiting in a parking lot, but I thought it was just shortened for the size of the phone screen version.

Now I can say "I remember when fun, was funny".

Seems poignant, given the times we live in.

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Yeah kids... I remember when we used calls 'em phones. Then all a sudden everyone was calling them phuns..

Wasn't long after that; them kids at school were always on their ifuns. Everybody always wanted the new ifun...

Nobody ever talks no more..

Always staring at their fun...

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It's all fun and games until someone loses an i.

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Sweet no one figured out that this broke the funny sort in RedReader. I'll push an update for it soon. We could put redirects in the saidit code instead but it would be kinda messy.

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Cool sounds good!

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This gets rid of smartasses that think that's a downvote.

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I tried to downvote your comment but instead I just had fun.

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Yes, good point. It will help with that for sure.

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Will it though? My suggestion would be to move the "fun" vote from below to side-by-side. New people coming from reddit will still likely see and use it as a replacement downvote.

Also, it would be nice if it could be disabled for serious subs. On reddit you can disable downvote with CSS but it doesn't work for mobile users:

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The problem with having the votes side-by-side is that there isn't space for the numbers then, or you get both numbers on the same row and it's visually confusing.

I think it can still be disabled via sub CSS but that's up to the mods of that sub.

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or you get both numbers on the same row and it's visually confusing

I dunno, you might want to poll the community with that question/suggestion. I think it may be worthwhile to have some temporary confusion.

Also, there are votes on the side for the submission, but not the comments, so I wonder how it might impact the comment section.

I think it can still be disabled via sub CSS but that's up to the mods of that sub

Only for desktop users, and more and more people are using their telephones to browse the internet. It's a problem I'm currently having with reddit. There's no way to do stuff like disable downvotes for mobile users it seems.

And mobile users seem much more likely to vote without commenting, which makes the situation worse.

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Good work on removing the downvote.