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Personally I find this system works really well, and is a fantastic solution to brigaders downvoting stuff into oblivion.

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Meh, as long as we have that guy that upvotes everything to remove it from his feed it's lowest common denominator.

And with three tiers of upvoting, do we really need anything else?

Fun=1 point : Thanks for the effort, we need content
Insightful = 2 points : Good post
Fun+insightful = 3 points : Quality content, max points

I've tried bringing up the issue with trusting that all users will use the tiers responsibly at all times, but been promptly ignored with the explanation that we don't need to prevent people from abusing the system because people on saidit shouldn't abuse the voting system.

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Well we totally need to design the system so people cannot take advantage of it. That's literally the core principle of the best systems: make it idiot proof. It's a horrible idea to just trust random people to do the right thing, eventually they won't and that's where things go wrong. It's very easy to just not go near the edge of a building, but we have guard rails for the idiots who just don't get it. Same goes for any design; if a human can fuck it up in some way they will fuck it up in some way, intentionally or not.

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Just pick the most appropriate vote and clarify with a comment.

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One advantage of the current system: it has the same number of options as Reddit, making it easier to use existing solutions. My current mobile Saidit app says 'upvote' for insightful and 'downvote' for funny.

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It says 'downvote' in the HTML code too...

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Hey now no looking behind the curtain :)

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Like other users mentioned: no mindless down-vote brigades by not having a down-vote button(a lot of people down-vote simply because they don't agree with the opinions expressed in the post); I would just ignore submissions that are deemed not post-worthy by not clicking anything at all and if there is a post I disagree with, I would simply explain the reasons in the comment thread. Anything, that encourages discussion really. I believe this is what Saidit is for.

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You're crazy.

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Well, at least you follow directions well......Thank you for that.

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THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS B whoops caps The whole system is bullshit unless you have a way to tell people to get fucked by downvoting them. Like look how bullshit this comment I made is and there's nothing you can do about it.