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So you have realized that people's political opinions are "canned responses" or more accurately memes in the original definition of the word. Man, you are so close to an epiphany here. I'm rooting for you.

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Complicated memes. And the "canned responses" can be as long or short as is necessary, hopefully illuminating, with supporting links and citations.

It seems pointless explaining the same thing a dozen times to a dozen people in a dozen posts.

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really regret hearing of your physical maladies. suffering is miserable. you are an asset and a pleasure to read, i hope you get some relief and a break, i wish you all the best.

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Thanks for the kind words.

"Pleasure to read". I blush. You're the first to say that. I'd mount that on my wall if I was that kind of person, instead I'm just the kind who'll say that I would if I were.

I hope you'll like my grand story, coming soon to /s/BittersweetSeeds and whatever /s/Trutherism101 turns into. I'm impatient to share but I must be organized about it and get the ducks lined up /s/GlossedOver/wiki/.

Going on 2 good days. So here's hoping I'm getting past it.

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Long read; I don't think beyond passive suggestions, and trying to step up to the plate to provide solid common sense, and a little more, there's much you can do.

Those rating systems, or 'canned' responses will end up abused. Anytime we as a species restrict each other, there's always fallout, there's always someone left bare. I think it's better for people to grow a thick skin, and continue on with the precious time in each of their days. Realize you may not be here, and you'll have much higher quality time.

As far as meeting personal goals? A forum is a great place to measure said goals against a wide varying of opinion, and troll, but it may not be the proper place for implementation.

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As long as the "abuse" is not low pyramid or intentionally deceptive I don't see why it can't be used and called out when improper.

If I can read more content and reply faster, with better crafted words rather than some of the lazy responses I've seen (and done) then why not?

As far as meeting personal goals? A forum is a great place to measure said goals against a wide varying of opinion, and troll, but it may not be the proper place for implementation.

The development of my open source projects on this forum (/s/GlossedOver/wiki/) are not about "personal goals". Maybe my projects will fail. Maybe someone else will improve upon my model and go beyond. Maybe someone else will think outside the box in another extraordinary way. If I don't try we'll never know.

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I can't disagree with effort, and I'd also agree that give an idea that's good, and someone usually will run with it.

As to any 'blowouts', I guess I missed it, and sometimes perhaps its necessary in the right circumstances.

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Tell us more about the animation you did...

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I liked the Kraft Dinner Kraft Mac N' Cheese commercial. I guess you need dinosaurs playing guitars to sell that shit. Pretty cheesy commercial but the 3d models and animation were amazing. Even by today's standards, it would take a lot of computational power to render that scene.

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"Rock'N'Roni" was just one of many.

I bet today's computers could render it all pretty quickly.

It did take a lot of render power in 2003 but it was manageable in house with six or seven boxes. We had experienced streamlined processes (ie. test render little patches rather than the whole image), a great render manager system, and the best animation team in Toronto at the time (I have no idea what's been going on in animation for the last dozen years). I was lucky to be there working with animation legends at the very start in 2000 for a while and again in 2003 for a while. It turned really corporate after a relocation and expansion, but by then I was selling out in NYC.

Of course, all the video back then was NTSC 720x540 or 720x486 with a 0.9 aspect ratio due to cathode ray tube television pixels not being 1:1 square. Not only that but we'd do spots at 24 frames per second, like film, and do a 3-2 pull down ( to stretch it out. Some spots we could even do at 15 or 12 frames a second (ie. Teletoon). It's all about economy with style.

I can tell you I'm so fucking sick and tired of Kraft Dinner. No, we didn't get free samples. I'm talking about from before, when I was a poor student in animation college, as well as this and last month when I was out of groceries with nothing to eat but KD or plain pasta with salt and pepper. I still don't know why someone doesn't sell the orange powder separately in bulk. Scam.

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Do you have a WinCo grocery store in your area. They sell the yellow cheese powder in their bulk bin section. You can buy it by the ounce. It’s pretty cheap.

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I'd love a bulk store anywhere nearby but alas no.

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I animated on enough cereal commercials to make you diabetic and later realized they were all pushing sugar and theft and often bad grammar. Most cereals were soooo good someone just had to steal them. Cookie Crisp started out with the cookie crook, then the cookie crook with his crook dog, then the dog lost the mask. "Me want Honeycomb!" Really!?! I honestly don't know if this was just stupid ad men (and sooooo many of them are stupid yes men who love underling yes men), if there was some financial precedent and template, or if there was an organized malicious plan from the corporate overlords. (50 cereals to chose from. 2 political parties, only 1 away from a dictatorship. The illusion of choice.) Ironically by the time I realized this a few years in and made my decision I never got a chance to put my foot down to say no to immoral children's commercials. Coming down the pipe they just never came my way again. I'm glad I didn't have to create studio drama.

So much fast junk food it makes me sick thinking about it. I was consumed by the craft and spectacle of bright shiny glam in a plastic artificial world and sooo eager to please with my tenacity and talent. I wasn't thinking about the corporate consumerist superficial culture.

Countless cell phone services, cable services, and dial up services. We'd be animating on several competing mobile services so when a client came in some of us had to turn off our monitors for their meeting so we'd take a break. James Earl Jones (aka voice of Darth Vader) asked if we wanted to read his fortune because we had a reflection sphere to map out the specular lighting to apply to our Verizon animated computer monitors that complained about slow dial up. We were too shocked and speechless. I worked on a Victoria Secrets commercial but was pissed I didn't get to go to the shoot.

Soooo many "sexy" razors, shampoos with vitamins, maxipads with wings, dancing contact lenses, allergy medicines, vitamin mosaics, pet flee repellent, macho strong sponges, a school bus full of children skidding out onto a frozen lake to crack through the ice and sink, and countless music videos. I refused to work on the first Zoloft anti-depressant commercial, not because it's Big Pharma poison, but because they wouldn't let me redesign their crappy depressing character you still see to this day. Apparently there was a lot of market research on it. I just thought it was a terrible design. A lot of famous directors do commercials but their names are never on them. Many of them do fuck all and only show up once or twice. Many of them are a nuisance offering shitty ideas or indecision oblivious to the endless hours of wasted work they create. Depending on the studio, anywhere from a quarter to a half of the directors are actually very competent - and half of them are fantastic people besides (ie. my role model heroes).

Sadly, I never did get to archive off much of my work. After my animation it often went to rendering then post production and I was lucky to grab whatever scraps I could as I was always busy working on the next thing in the pipe.

YouTube deleted a bunch for some reason so here's all that's left on my old YouTube account (I forgot the password that Google made me change ~2011), a better quality version of my solo rigged and animated M&Ms commercial (rendered by another guy and based of the famous designer Jonathan Adler who showed up maybe twice to say "it freaked his shit out"), I worked on this short a bit in 2004 and this short a bit in 1999 or 2000, and ironically they wouldn't fucking recycle in the studio, though that was more because Manhattan wouldn't. There's much more out there but I couldn't find those I remember off hand. From 2000 on, Frank, Mark, and I animated several Hershey's Kiss spots that started in Toronto. (I find it ironic that I was pushing big eyes back then when no one else was, BEFORE Bratz came along. for example ) Most of these sketches are from back then too: off of my 2000-2010 partly archived Last time I checked I was the only Jason Carswell on IMDb but there's only a dozen credits there for things that have credits.

One of the worst projects I ever worked on, and my only television show, was A Little Curious, a cringey craptastic childrens series produced in a rush to fill space on a new (1998) HBO children channel. Funny thing, a dozen years later my nephew watched regularly with my mom. The animation team was good but the management and direction not. Above all I absolutely despised the "nephew art" character design. After years of not having it, I finally found a piece on first glance that I'd been wanting to get for my demo reel back then because it was not too bad (after it left my hands). At 4min10 seconds you can watch my Too Light! Too Dark! animation I did. I was living in NYC but flew back to Toronto in 1998 when I moved from Click3x to Curious ?ictures and needed a new visa. I was declined so I was stuck in Toronto for a month. Curious arrange for me to have a work station at Alias, the 3D software company we used, where I developed my own faux-bezier tool for Mr. String. I heard they put that bit in for some awards. I never saw it rendered before. It looks like shit. I'm afraid to see what my other animation on the show looks like, but there's no way I'm going to watch a whole season of that crap to find my scenes. (Turns out the end credits are accurate per the episode and easy to check. I don't remember how many scenes I did, but I'm sure they're all rushed and craptastic.) Not only that, it's clearly obvious someone pulled back and raised the camera, thus widening the frame, changing the angle, and mucking up my Mr. String shapes, but worse they had to move the ceiling up (and tilt the walls) - and they didn't move the top constraint of the string so he no longer swings properly as there's a stiff part at the top, crooked at that! I'd consider cropping it if it wasn't rendered so shitty. On the up side it was fun to animate to a great voice performance that is a good example of extreme vocal acting that I might want for my /s/Trutherism101 project.

There's more crap out there too but this has become tedious. If I don't toot my own horn no one else will. Long humblebrag over.

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I also will not abide by my posts being besmirched by some uninformed "skeptic" asstroll who won't even view the content or simply poops on it potentially scaring others off who may benefit from it. I often post things I agree with or don't, stuff to ponder or amuse or rile. Some of it deserves a counter argument or derision. But if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about then I draw the line and either have to refute it or simply ignore it and hope no one else is discouraged from appreciating the post I took the effort to share for whatever reason.

Discouraging people from looking into new ideas is a shill's #1 goal. They're literally running interference.

I'm guessing that a couple of those brainwashed bastards have presented this post as a success story.

On the bright side, there's literally a PR conspiracy that's dedicated to suppressing the interesting information that you're submitting.

You can be confident that the Information that you share with the community matters, because someone's trying to suppress it.

We appreciate your dedication. Keep it up.

Don't let 'em get you down.

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Isreal just had at least a couple hundred accounts banned from Facebook for meddling in African elections. These numbers are light, but it what came up in the search first:

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An uninformed twat twisting logic, regurgitating mainstream crap, feigning skepticism when they clearly hadn't even viewed the content presented, and further filling my messages with idiotic blatherings despite my insistence he fuck off didn't help things.

I assume that was me. If so, I'm sorry. Not about what I said, but about my timing; I knew there was something problematic going on in your life due to your uncharacteristic behaviour, and I persisted in deliberately irritating you despite this. This will not happen again.

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This will not happen again.

Did you get a new job?

You're here, so I don't believe it.

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For the most part well modded and active subs already do this canned response thing. Veterans in quality subs are johnny on the spot with filling new people in. I think the name you're looking for is s/copypasta. There's a user named r/marquisdepaid on reddit that might be able to help you with the idea you are putting together. Tell him I sent you if he asks questions.

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/s/Anarchism does exist, but is a private sub.

I personally think libertarian communists and capitalists are compatible, and should try going in the same sub.

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It seems wrong that it's private.

I don't see the compatibility but I'm open to ideas. Of course it depends what kind of capitalists you mean. What would you call that sub?

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Eventually I expect authentic-old-left Progressives and Greens may not feel too welcome here, not to mention any Corporate-Democrat-SJWs or Republican-NeoCons.

Ideally they should not feel unwelcome.

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Why? Because we don't conform to your beliefs? So much for freedom of thought.

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you should not feel unwelcome

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Either you changed it or I misread it as "should not feel welcome".

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I didn't change it. I don't need to be sneaky like that.

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I'm not sneaky. I was admitting that I likely misread it. Now that you've confirmed that, I can say I'm sorry for my error.

(Unless you changed it and claim you didn't. Then who's sneaky?)

At the time I thought it was out of character and more extreme than usual from you. Now you see how double negatives easily confuse the feeble minded.

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Unless you changed it and claim you didn't.


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You seem defensive. Are you sure?

(Here's your goat. Here's me getting it. Here's me tickling it. Here's me trying it on for size. Here's me loving your goat the harder it resists.)

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You seem defensive. Are you sure?

I am reminding myself that you don't understand what that implies, and that it doesn't serve me to exploit your lack of understanding. All interactions are voluntary.

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You're reactions are a trolls wet dream.

Initially I made a mistake, but your responses are too rich to ignore.

I was teasing you. I won't persist in continuing to get your goat.

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/s/CannedResponses is now created.

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You're welcome :D