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Thanks for the info. We have considered a VPN, but it's not compatible with our DDOS protection. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for the problems you mentioned.

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IMHO I think you should try to reach out to Tin Foil Hat, Higherside Chats, James Corbett, Ryan Dawson, Ryan Cristian, Adam Green, HighImpactFlix, Holly Seeliger, and countless others (expand my outdated Fascinating Viewpoints list) and do a SaidIt promotional tour talking about the pros and cons of setting up your own site, and the trials and tribulations of being free speech, while keeping it classy. Not just talking about wanting alternative but actually making it happen. That's a story NO ONE is talking about, much less any with any experience. Talk about the Rothchilds another time. This conspiracy to silence is real and in our faces.

It may gain us unwanted attention, but it also might gain us great assistance and open new options, and should they ever try to take us down at least more people will already know about us and might rally around when necessary. They're less likely to do so if they never even heard of us before.

Also, it might be worth trying to coordinate a loose apolitical affiliation network of friends and associates for free speech.