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Wow. That seems crazy to me. I would expect that for movies, TV, or music, but for cricket? Spreading the joy should be what they want, not what they suppress.

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Yes livestreams of cricket. It is because it is the cricket world cup is going on right now, apparently.

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Blocking it is the worst possible way to get new fans of the sport. The can do what they want, it's their IP. I'll always think it's a stupid move, though.

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Highlights*. Sub was meant for highlights and not live streams.

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Ah thanks for clarifying.

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Lol just the other day I watched the Stanley cup final on my PS4 by finding a good stream on Reddit but nothing happened and that sub has been around for a long ass time. Can’t have people watching cricket though that’s where we draw the line

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    No there were lots of comments there, but they've since been deleted by me. They individually referenced 20 comments. Here are the links they sent as being offending that have since been removed and are no longer available for anyone.

    We were given 96 hours to delete them or the saidit server gets shut down. I do not think it was heavy-handed. I wish we had truly distributed servers so that deleting content could not be forced, but as it is we intent to comply with the laws of the place where the server is, which is currently Dallas, Texas, USA. So if we get DMCA notices we have to comply.

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    Did you wait until hour 95.5 to finally take it down?

    Maximize your DMCA zero-tolerance window.

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    Not really, we were in about hour 15 or so. No reason to play games with fire.

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        I think wanting to keep saidit's servers running should be my primary goal. The community cannot exist without the servers. We're doing everything we can to not outright ban communities, but we have to obey the law... I don't know what you expect me to do that is an improvement on what I'm doing right now?

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          There were only 20 things in the sub! Basically everything in the sub was specifically mentioned to be removed. Also I made it private, I didn't ban it.

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            No worries, thank you

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            500k subscribers?...CRICKET HAHAHAHAHA 😆😆😅😅😄😱😱🙃😆😅😵🤣🤣🤣😂😄😆🤗😆😆😆😴😴🥴 good 1

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            buddy the recent Ind-Pak match was watched by 1 Billion viewers across the world.

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            yeh prob the population of India and Pakistan 🙃😱😕......serious 1 B.😮 ?

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            Yeah man..Ind's 1.339 billion + 15 million outside of India (diaspora) + 200 million Pakistanis + 10-20 million others were invested in the match.

            Obviously not all the populations were watching but most were, the hype is real due to many reasons:

            1) Ind-Pak has had tensions for decades. They no longer compete in bilateral series against each other, in fact Ind even tried to convince the global cricket body to ban Pak from the world cup after their recent attack in India. So an Ind-Pak match is rare and happen only at global tournaments which is every 3-4 years.

            2) Rich history. We've had many close matches in the past and high profile.

            Obviously I'm biased but the celtics-lakers, barca-real madrid, arsenal-manU rivalries are a joke compared. Brazil-Arg maybe comes close.

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            i never hear of that intence stuff (living in Europe and cricket not a sports thats on TV here), but it make sence those 2 country are decades on the edge of war, thanks for info

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            omg Armageddon , i wasnt that crazy- population of Inda=Population of India 2019: Looking into the latest UN data, the approximate population of India is 1,350,438,098,,,,and the scary part is , look at this site LIVE every second the nr goes +1 WTF never heard of condoms in India

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            It's the rural areas. Sigh. They have more kids so that they could help them come out of poverty. Awareness is slowly spreading. We have had a slogan for a while 'hum do, humare do' which translates to 'we 2, our kids 2'. Most urban families have 1 or 2 kids.

            Source. Am from India

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            oke, understand bit better now, ps i recently heard of e "movement"thats about Kids have NO desission in beign Born/brought to the world or not, So if you give brith to a child you should do anything for that child-not use/mistreat it, becaue the child never had a coiche of beign born or not. The Idea is that giving birth to a child is Selfish, thought that movement came from Indai or Asia, maybe this is started because of that situation, getting Kids to sell them/using them to get more money, specially grils who are sold as a bride

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            That's interesting. I haven't heard of that before. Yeah child labor and marriage is a big issue, slowly being eradicated.

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            They obviously have no experience, no legal advice, and no clue. I just found this post while searching to see if there have been other DMCAs; they haven't even registered a company. magnora7 and d3rr have made themselves personally liable for everything that happens on the site. They also keep calling the site a "non-profit" because they think it means they don't make money, instead of being a legal type of company.

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            That's not true either. We do everything through an organization. It does mean we don't make money, and the rules are indeed different for non-profits than for profitable businesses. You seem to want to smear the site more than add any real info to this conversation.

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            Seems just as easy at 500k as it was here. I just removed the content they requested I remove.

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            Yes we have gotten fake DMCA takedown requests in the past actually. But this one was sent directly from our server company so we knew it was real.

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            lol, doesnt rly mean its real, a company will do nothing to defend its consumers anymore, shame on the mess

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            Our main one was from the ICC International Cricket Council themselves. I think that one pushed our web host into enforcement action.

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            People still haven't learned they can't fight information revolutions. "Piracy" is a symptom of bad service, and when they view it as attacks and people who share content as attackers, they are losing the opportunity to transform their business and offer a proper service with all the new and relevant technologies.

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            I'm kind of in 2 minds about this, I can be both conservative and left. Typically I am very liberal when it comes to old books, broadcast entertainment etc yet Sportsball I don't get and I don't fight for it. for me it is typically mindless crap for the masses, bread and circus as the Romans used say. I do types of sport but I'm not a fan of the religious groupie side of it. I can live without guys and fanatics on tv watching some football or same old baseball or soccer or cricket or whatever mind numbing shit is broadcast on the sports channel. One thing I respect about 4Chan, Voa, kiwifarms is they typically give zero fucks when it comes to mail intimadation. At the same time I don't think it would benefit saidit if this place just became some pirate site.

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            sorry for shouting but no one seems to be hearing the repeated emphasis that his solution was to make it private after removing the material cited by the DMCA notice. would you rather the entire site go down instead?

            Why not thank him for finding the best possible solution under the shitty circumstance?

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            As Saidit gets bigger, DMCA's will get more common. Until people (USA) start directly protesting about the DMCA, expect nothing to change other than more intended censorship.

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            If anyone protested it, I would join in a heartbeat! I hate the DMCA, and most copyright/patent laws for that matter, but find it very hard to convince others.

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            Bound to happen eventually, not surprising really. I am curious how this sort of situation will play out after the server move. Being less vulnerable to DMCA would be a major plus IMO.


            And like others mention, you can't really have a piracy related sub around here if the entire site is going to have issues every time a DMCA is issued.

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            Exactly, it was bound to happen. I am curious how things will go in this regard after the move to Switzerland as well. Should be able to find out in a few weeks here. We are just responding to the requests as we get them.

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            They can't actually shut it all down. That was a false dichotomy, actually: they only have the power to make you remove their content and nothing else. charge damages… actually it's probably best that you complied.

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            Actually the terms of service of our server say that if we do not comply with the DMCA request, the server company will take us offline. It's like "zero tolerance policy" but for servers, they're basically forced to force DMCA compliance

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            I thought you were hosting it yourself… though since you're not in Switzerland I'm not sure why I thought that.

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            What about scihub links?
            A website devoted to open science.
            Are there any problems with posting those?

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            No I don't think so, should be no problem

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            Elsevier has tried to get it blocked, but with pretty poor results.

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            So you went around trying to convince piracy-related communities from reddit to move here where you said they'd be safer, but the instant you get a DMCA notice you shut down the entire sub?


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            So you went around trying to convince piracy-related communities from reddit to move here where you said they'd be safer,

            I most certainly never did anything like this. I don't appreciate baseless accusations.

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            Everything I said in those comments you link is still true. It is an alternative, and it does have less censorship.

            I never said it was censorship-free. I never said it would be a free-for-all or that we were immune from DMCA requests.

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            Removing an entire sub removes me from this website, I don't care what the reason is. Anyone remember when the internet used to be cool?

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            I just made it private, I did my best not to remove it entirely. But yeah it sucks

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            The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a 1998 United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


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            whats DMCA ? FBI or CIA or WC

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            Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

            It's a US law that helps companies that own copyrighted material, remove that material from the internet to protect their copyrights.


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            oke thanks

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            rip, obvious copyright troll is obvious. whats next, is the fcc or some random antifa cb clowns gonna dmca saidit over my few videogates posted here? rofl

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            It's not a troll if our server company is threatening to shut down our servers. It's as real as it gets.

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            It's still possible that it's just a troll, but realistically the distinction between legit vs fake DMCA does not matter if the server company itself deems it actionable. So you are correct, you do need to respond in some form otherwise the server company makes the decision for you.

            I don't know if shutting down the entire sub is the correct response but it certainly fixes the issue in the short term.

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            It's still possible that it's just a troll, but realistically the distinction between legit vs fake DMCA does not matter if the server company itself deems it actionable.

            Yes exactly. And I don't know what our server company's vetting process is for DMCA requests, but I imagine they've seen their fair share of DMCA trolls if they run a huge server farm. So if they've decided it's real, and are willing to shut us down as a paying customer over that, they've obviously not made the decision lightly. I'm not very keen on trying to dispute that, and everything that may entail.

            I didn't shut down the sub, I made it private and deleted everything in it, instead of just outright banning it. I tried my best. I don't know what else I can do. I had to take action on all 20 of those links and then write a report back to them explaining how I took action to resolve the issue. All 20 were in the same sub, that sub posts streams all day... what else could I have done that would've been better? Seriously, I'm asking...

            All in all, it's a reasonable request that we can't really legally dispute, and thus we have no option with our current hosting situation in Dallas but to remove the offending content. I did it in the lightest way I could think of but that shows we had addressed the problem in full. I had to take action or else the entire rest of the site was in jeopardy.

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            lol, no, im not talkin about your company, your company relayed the dmca, from what i understand, lol.

            the cricket clowncil that it came from, lol.

            these are the days where you pretty much gotta physically own your server, not rent one from some company, cause they wont defend you, they'll throw you under the bus, just like yours was itchin to do.

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            Yeah, I see what you mean. But from our perspective, our server company is going to act the same, so I'm not sure how we could react differently in these moments with the 96 hour shutdown timer ticking in the background. This is the type of thing that'd be nice to change over to a crowd-distributed server model

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            yea true, they are gonna act the same, they'll protect themselves over the consumer.

            im guessing you mean some sort of decentralised hosting solution by crowd distributed server model, yea, that would be pretty good, best bet is to actually look around ebay and find a good server with atleast 16 gb's of ram, the cpu's might be a decade old, but they can still throw the punches. lol

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            I can run a server. That's not the problem.

            Distributed servers means the legal responsibility is not placed on one person. As it is, the server can get shut down by the server company. If I run my own server, I can go to jail and they can trace my IP, if I do not shut down the things in the DMCA request.

            Distributed computing however means that no one is tied to the server, as there is no single server or single owner, but instead dozens or hundreds. That changes the legal dynamics considerably. But the software for making this happen may or may not even exist yet and is extremely complex. It's right on the edge of being doable.

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            they can try, but the tech is there that you can use to officially move saidit underground so to speak, using cjdns ;)

            they cant attack what they cant see.

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            Interesting suggestion, that's a new one. I'll read more about it

            Moving to switzerland might help us get less DMCA notices, but we'll see what happens

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            ah, we arent on the swiss server yet? i thought we were, lol.

            but yea, cjdns uses ipv6 tunneling to form a private network. you can even use it to create a WISP if you have a router that supports openwrt :)

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            No, haha. We're almost there, we've got the parallel copy running on the swiss server but it's not hooked up to a URL yet. We'll make an announcement.

            Interesting :)

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              The sub is private, not banned. And 95% of the sub was offending posts that were each listed. And I did contact the mods and post a note about it, which is what you're replying to. I really did everything I could.

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              they got scared, overkill

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              The offending posts were 95% of the content in the sub, and we didn't kill the sub we just made it private. We had the exact right amount of kill, no overkill

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              How, exactly, would the server shut down? External hosting forcing it?

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              The people we are paying to run our server, stop running our server.

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              this is proof that you have to take this kind of community to Discord (preferably not even there but)

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              I don't think Discord allows it either. That's why they were just posting the links here, and then chatting on Discord.

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              Oh, just ignore those.