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The reporting system is useful, but this is an additional way for you all to point out people who are abusing saidit so they can be banned.

This sub is ONLY for pointing out ads and spammers. It is NOT for pointing out people who are breaking the pyramid of debate. It's just there to help keep saidit clean from the super-obvious trash that basically no one wants here. Like Viagra ads, and "Buy air conditioners in Perth, Australia" and stuff like that. They're welcome to post in /s/ads as always (which is the main thing taken off the front page) but 99% of the ad spammers don't care to do that even after you tell them to. We've only banned about 20 so far in all the 20 months we've been open now, so it's not a huge problem, but I just want to make sure the /new feed is good to read and not filled with garbage. So I made this sub as a way to let the community help more with that.

Thanks everyone

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/s/ads is also where the secret messages are communicated.

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So you mean I can't advertise my MALE ESCORT SERVICES ? *25% off on the 4th of July!

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uSE DisCoUNt coDE "10inch" foR adDItIoNAL 10% OFf!

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    The more users it gets, the more it will become like reddit. That's how reddit became like it is today, too. Who has so many potential consumers under his roof, will get a lot of offerings from corporates, too. If you allow many different opinions on your site, you also can become blackmailable. So you will eventually start to direct all opinions in a politically correct as possible direction, still claiming it would be for "discussion pyramid" or whatever bs you call your shield for justifying your ban-actions. It works.

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    Maybe it's nice/good to leave that sub from the frontpage postings as well.

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    Yeah not a bad idea, although I want to make sure I see them

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    Gosh this gives me warm fuzzies, kinda like, 'if you see something, say something'.

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    Like I said, it's only for spam and stuff no one wants here. Not to be used for ideological battles. It's more like garbage men than cops, if we're going to make comparisons

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    I'm glad that you made this distinction. If it was for suspected pyramid violations too the sub would be a shitshow.

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    Yeah exactly. I don't want another "ProtectVoat" situation. It's just for the super-obvious spam

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    Cool, I'm glad to hear that. I was wondering about organized baseless efforts to silence others with their own unique position, and opinion.

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    Yeah that's not happening, don't worry. I saw how bad "protectVoat" went, and I don't plan to repeat something similar here on saidit.

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      Thanks for the fake links that go to spotify playlists and a youtube video?