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You can create 1 sub a week, after you pass the initial 2 week period.

Another added benefit is we have IRC chat set up, and each sub has it's own IRC channel automatically. You can even create IRC channels in threads and sub-threads. This opens up all sorts of real-time communication options.

If you are a sub moderator, you can ban users from that sub just like on reddit. And you can remove their posts individually as well. This part is exactly the same as reddit.

We have plans to add even more features involving cryptocurrency in the future, and are going to work toward eventual server decentralization.

Another benefit is we're not hosted on Amazon or any other large server farms, which makes it harder for us to be legally censured, if it were to happen. We also have complete backups on several levels so we can port the site to a new server farm very easily, if required.

The main thing is that the admins aren't compromised, like they are on reddit. That's the core of the rot.

If you have any other questions please let me know!

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Two weeks and I can create my own sub?

Happy days!