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I see the front page has a criticism of the left and another post has a criticism of the right. Both are upvoted. It's great. It's real diversity of opinion, which is the whole reason we made this place.

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I respectfully disagree. My lack of attendance here is only due to the amount of spam running down better entries on the 'new' section, and also having a life that needs tending often.

Whatever your position is, if you feel it's well grounded, and righteous, you should be able to withstand any fire that comes along.

You can fight, and try, or you can whimper, and whine; one gives someone a chance, the other doesn't go very far very long; just saying.

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I don't think the culture has changed much if at all. We've got lovely leftist rightist and in betweenist posts every day. Also 3 months ago was not the early days of the site.

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Do you have a dog in this fight? Because it sounds as if you do. I'll "pack it up" when I'm good and ready.

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So are you saying that you can;t have a discussion because there are too many people with different opinions? Because that is what it sounds like.

I think you are looking for a liberal echo chamber. 'Go back to reddit' would be the meme here.

Right wing views ARE part of the 'sides' of an argument, and it is ridiculously reductionist to suppose there are only two sides to any discussion.

Perhaps you need to look past your own projected labels and hear what is being said.

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LOL - Finally, after three long months giantpika has determined that saidit is right wing, antisemitic, and racist. This was done after making 5 whole posts! Wow, how ever shall I continue my participation here after reading such a profound assertion!?!

I think if your going to make such an assertion you should be able to at least back it up with something.

I'm all for hearing different perspectives on really anything. Labeling things as booygeymen only shuts down discourse, and if you don't want discourse then you (OP) probably should just leave.

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Are you going to find a place that everyone stands your opinion?

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You ought to realise, a tactic of those who wish to take down or discredit a site is to post hate speech so those posts can then be used as evidence that the site is racist.