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I am not a "Redditor". I came to SaidIt for freedom and truth seeking.

Jason Carswell is just a user, fan, and supporter of SaidIt, not an admin. /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr (aka M7D3) are the founders and admins.

About /u/JasonCarswell/ subsaidits, posts, comments +

Jason's article about SaidIt :

Jason's graphics for SaidIt : (banners, branding, Debate Pyramid)

Jason Carswell's SaidIt projects

Jason Carswell's SaidIt to do lists

  • add some kind of 18+ age limits on /s/Sex - free to ask questions but not engage in... sex-fantasy talk?
  • draft Decentralize open project - to take all of IPFS Corbett Report max resolution and best audio content and x265 HEVC max-quality max-compress multi-pass it or [best lossless audio compressor] - then offer it.
  • draft SaidIt feature sponsoring idea 2019-04-06
  • draft new-sub-alert feature wish (S icon between message alert and mod alert?) 2019-04-12
  • draft FAQ auto subbed all 2019-04-13
  • draft filter/search for site(s), videos, images, links, texts 2019-04-13
  • draft Top Ways To Promote SaidIt
    • post on SaidIt then link to SaidIt-post from Reddit
    • animated promotional spot (work in progress)
    • live action or animated series /s/SaidItMonthly of brief summaries of top stories
    • create /s/SaidItPublicRelations
    • -
  • draft /r/ /wp/ /ig/ /ws/ functionality
  • draft /s/SaidItConflictResolution proposal
  • draft SaidItSurvey on site wide CSS theme ideas
  • draft SaidItSurvey for 1) best name for MediaWiki 2) whether we want a sister site 3) who would help 4) what the rules should be for an authentically free wiki (ie. "ownership" and responsibility of pages)
  • draft SaidItSurvey for larger thumbnails ideally with options in preferences.
  • draft SaidItSurvey for domain source indicator of passive media (ie. audio/video) vs active (reading) ie change of colour of domain white list (ie. youtube, bitchute, soundcloud, etc is red instead of blue) + wiki white list to add to.
  • draft SaidItSurvey for
  • Does PeerTube do x265 support?
  • scrape chat for old good ideas not documented.
  • /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/idea_bucket cleanup
  • /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/
  • add Social media decentralization : /s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki/
  • relocate : SaidIt mascot ideas to this wiki from
  • Brave Rewards - check and adjust as necessary.

To Post:

  • animated short of the day/week
  • architecture of the day/week
  • classical painting of the day/week [make /s/Painting(s)?]
  • modern illustrator of the day/week [make /s/Illustration(s)?]
  • bookmarked folder "SaidIt To Post" - empty it
    • bookmarks - organize
  • improve TT20

Complete the article -

/s/SaidItSurveys/wiki/drafts - Draft policy idea posts then get folks to review and improve them before posting.

  • Design - SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New 2019 Logo? - mock up side by side of logos
  • Design - SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New CSS?
  • Features - SaidIt Survey: Top 3 IdeasForSaidIt Features
  • Multi-Issue - SaidIt Survey: NSFW Policy Ideas + Default Configs
  • Policy - SaidIt Survey: Empty Subs Policy Ideas
  • Policy - SaidIt Survey: Bot Transparency Policy Ideas


make videos and upload to DownTheMemoryHole PeerTube

  • audio - CatFive political album
  • audio - CatFive content from YouTube
  • audio - JasonCarswell as WickedSunshine GCBEC score
  • audio - JasonCarswell as WickedSunshine compilations
  • old JasonCarswell animation?
  • old JasonCarswell live action art direction?
  • new JasonCarswell animation
  • A+++ videos
  • A++ videos
  • misc other

Jason Carswell's CSS projects

CSS To Do list:

  • design alt day/night SVG icon
  • design lightbulb/smiley vote SVG icons
  • banners - design new : Architecture, Canada, ElectionsUSA2020, Tin Foil Hat, USAmerica,
  • impossible : On posts only, I want "# comments" on the left, a large space between, and all other flat-list items on the right. Similarly and "domain" on the far right.
  • merge old + new CSS
  • - First subsaidit where I actively develop my nearly finished "Ergonomix Subsaidit CSS Theme" that I apply to most of my subs. It's primarily designed to be as practical as possible with distinct colours indicating different functionality and be easily read, both day and night versions: /s/DecentralizeAllThings/about/stylesheet/
  • - Second subsaidit has a slightly older "Ergonomic CSS Beta Version" with different header menus. Intend to merge this older code back into the newer code as a hidden option for future CSS users: /s/TrutherTop20s/about/stylesheet/
  • - Final design and code to copy will be at my shortest subsaidit "Ergonomix Subsaidit CSS Theme", primarily designed to be as practical as possible with distinct colours indicating different functionality and be easily read, both day and night versions: /s/Sex/about/stylesheet/

NSFW header CSS treatment for proposal to show people to see and discuss the pros and cons, improvements, suggestions, etc. Maybe people will want safe policies, maybe not: /s/WatchPeopleDie/about/stylesheet/ and /s/WatchPeopleSurvive/about/stylesheet/

My banner designs:



Personal schedule / routine?:

  • 2x daily : YouTube channels (frequent shows) + messages
    • Fri : bonus YouTube channels (fewer shows)
  • Mon + Wed + Fri : animation + design + painting + writing
  • Tue + Thu + Sat : catchup reading
  • Sunday : decentralization + open source research, InfoGalactic articles, home system

Personal budget planning:

  • May - get domains + sponsor SaidIt chat server ?
  • June - find/get used monitor + sponsor SaidIt chat server ?
  • July - get hard drive, swap WD disks, then Linux Mint old PC + sponsor SaidIt chat/wiki/PeerTube ?
  • August - ???

Gear wish list:

  • 2 or 3 Linux Mint boxes to replace Caprice, Desiré, Epiphany and Felicity
  • home server system
    • FreeNAS based DIY router
    • 1 8-bay box to restore FreeNAS
    • more 8-bay boxes to make FreeNAS
    • better "auto"-torrenting config
    • Mastodon, PeerTube, IPFS, Holochain, ZeroNet, VPN, etc
  • home animation studio
    • classical animation desk
    • proper scanning set up
    • proper tabletop set up
    • proper system + workstation(s)
  • 1 full 1 empty FreeNAS 4U 24-bay (I would put all current full drives in the empty NAS to transfer to the full NAS, then wipe the old drives and reformat as new NAS)
  • electric bicycle + trailer
  • grow room for pot and veggies

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