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Sounds like a good idea if you feel there's enough content now.

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Although, I do like s/all. I find myself finding new in a few pages after hot and finding hot in few pages in new.

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Access to information should be a human right (IMHO).

Including subs that aren't subscribed to is a great way to broaden proles horizons. It's like a news paper. You don't have to read any article, but you can't know what you're missing without a headline.

Censorship by omission is the most common method of supressing info. Reddit is guilty of this heinous crime. This should be discouraged.

I like the current system, but maybe it is time for a change.

I would propose some TBD ratio similar to:

  • Subscribed 67%
  • World news / Current Events 13%
  • TIL/Science/ 20%
  • Conspiracy 5%.

I understand the desire for total immersion in ones interests. However, this can lead to group-think and isolationism. This should be discouraged.

Academic and intellectual communitarianism should be encouraged. Expand the communities horizons. They are plenty of fascinating wonders that we'll never experienced unless other enlightened individuals make the effort to share them, and there's a platform for exposure.

What do you folks think???

Does anyone else have any suggestions. :-)

Edit: mistakenly typed spreading instead of supressing

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Access to information should be a human right (IMHO).

Including subs that aren't subscribed to is a great way to broaden proles horizons. It's like a news paper. You don't have to read any article, but you can't know what you're missing without a headline.

That's why I think the "home" can be subscribed and the /all can be all (unless you still have a black list for ads which I think should at least be published on /all/wiki). All is still all (perhaps mostly), and that information can be RSS feed archived.

I don't understand your TBD ratio, unless you're meaning the new user default subscribes - which is a completely different topic that I'm not in favour of. I'm for newbie default subscribe = all + let them decide. Stay different than Reddit. Be bold be brave be SaidIt.

I don't think group think will be a problem for a long time on SaidIt, unless you count how many of us don't believe the hype.

Of course, I'll be fading back soon to focus more on animation. 2 cents + grain of salt.

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TBD = To Be Determined; meaning I haven't bothered to work out what I would regard as optimal %s for content. Also, who's to say what"optimal" is.

So their page would be X % their subscriptions, and some % of other material exposure. Preferably excluding that MartolioTimberschnoop.

However, I would prefer SaidIt discourage the group-think disasters that Reddit and Voat have been turned into. Remaining a "moderate" platform will probably require some degree of intentionally biasing certain subs and topics, etc.. Otherwise, some groups will feel alienated and leave prematurely. Creating an echo chamber.

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Otherwise, some groups will feel alienated and leave prematurely.

That's what's currently happening, btw. Tone down the conspiracy stuff! Whether or not they're out to get you, US corruption isn't affecting everyone else in the world (and very little else is being discussed).

I've got close on occasion, actually; I still kind of feel like an outsider. Your % system is a PERFECT compromise between alienation and exposure. Maybe even make that percentage a preference.

Edit: Or, better still, let people add a "weight" to their subscribed list (a multiplier of the points score when ordering) where unsubscribed is 1 and subscribed is 5-by-default or something. Much harder to implement, but would be better.

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Obviously you haven't been reading enough conspiracy stuff.

The corruption isn't just in the USA and the corruption IS affecting everyone else in the world, as it has always done throughout history. The US just happens to be the rusting giant killer robot of the Zionist Globalist Corporatocracy Illuminati.

World War 3 doesn't look like your grandparent's world war. It started with 9/11 and they keep ratcheting it up and it's not going to stop any time soon. I think we're in for a huge financial crash this year, likely Sept-Oct, give or take a few months. If we don't I'll eat my tinfoil hat and start preparing for an even worse crash. The longer they hold off with the Presidential Plunge Protection Team, the harder it's going to hit and destroy soooooooooooo many lives and likely cascade into some kind of marshal law or civil class war. The oligarchs are moving across the oceans.

What kind of content do you feel is under represented?

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Anything else.

Hacker stuff. Jokes. People debating the relative importance of various types of cheese in a four cheese pizza. Art critics. Authors sharing stories.

The corruption isn't just in the USA

I know. And apart from the Yellow Vest stuff in France, I've heard nothing that isn't US-related. It's just about the US and who they're trying to kill. It's not interesting any more. Quite frankly, there's enough corruption without bringing up topics that can easily be warped into strawmen.

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How about the violent Buddhist monks? I don't think the US is deep in that.

Decentralizing is my hacking stuff, theoretical until I make it happen.

It does get tiresome sometimes. That's why I can't do just one thing. Or just sit and read or watch. I prefer to be active.

My #1 project is a story, that I will storyboard to publish as both a graphic novel and a screenplay, to be open sourced to potentially be picked up and made into a feature. I was thinking about eventually publishing a chapter at a time on Steemit to earn some coins. But I have so much refining to do. I've already got rough notes enough to fill half a dozen fat novels. I'm thinking of putting all of that development stuff aside and starting fresh just from memory. I like reading and word craft but I've not honed any writing skills and no matter how I imagine trying to capture it with words it's like drinking from a firehose. Way too much. If I could figure out how to spill and craft and develop it with feedback here on SaidIt I'd seriously consider it. Because I can't, I'll work on my #2 project.

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We need a /s/WritingPrompts.

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I don't know what that is or what you mean exactly but I'll subscribe!

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See the subreddit for an explanation.

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Not what I thought it was. I'm not interested in riffing on a theme or whatever.

I need a kick in the pants or a carrot to "prompt" me into writing. If there's no demand I don't feel compelled to perform.

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Your % system is a PERFECT compromise between alienation and exposure. Maybe even make that percentage a preference.

As intended. And good idea.

Edit: Or, better still, let people add a "weight" to their subscribed list (a multiplier of the points score when ordering) where unsubscribed is 1 and subscribed is 5-by-default or something. Much harder to implement, but would be better.

Also, a great suggestion.

Edit: Also, no one noticed how the conspiracy put the total at 105% (it's a conspiracy ;-).

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105% wouldn't really matter; it'd be effectively denormalised by the ranking system anyway.

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105% is also impossible.

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I take it you've never had to deal with computer systems before, then? :-p

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The total may increase, but 100% is the sum of any total. You can have an increase WRT a previous, or subsequent figure.

The total in the present has to add up to 1.

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Having all of the point scores 1.05 times as high as they should be won't affect the ranking.

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105% is also impossible.

Or is it? :P

While I don't agree with imposing diversity on folks, I do like these ideas you've put forth as an option.

However, if you can't even get people to capitalize things, categorize their posts, flag rather than vote (my bad), and other things that require disciplined human sorting into the system, not counting all the newbies with no clue, how are you going to get any kind of accurate "weighting" system in place.

Chaos in = Chaos out.

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However, if you can't even get people to capitalize things, categorize their posts, flag rather than vote (my bad), and other things that require disciplined human sorting into the system, not counting all the newbies with no clue, how are you going to get any kind of accurate "weighting" system in place.

I could do it. That shit is easy.


E Z.

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No worries. You can be the new dictator. I trust you. I trust you to herd all the cats. Get them to be disciplined, capitalizing and categorizing, and shape this ship up.

Then I'll let you do the weighting system.

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Why not leave it 100% up to them? As now.

There are other ways to battle group think. The debate pyramid is key.

What kind of intentional biasing? Examples?

There's only one area I feel really stunted with on SaidIt. It's the 1 sub/week thing (and chaotic classifications). I have a Subs Wishlist (any I've missed?), though most of them wouldn't be necessary with an adequate overarching sub (ie. "Crime" covers all sorts, and "MindControl" and "RulingClass" will too), or until a significant posting pattern develops (ie. USIsrael) or when there is way more traffic.

What subs or topics do you find lacking?

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Including fringe communities which have been evidenced to push people away due to being objectionable at a low percentage could be really good for not giving people a bad impression of the site while also still allowing them to see what is posted there occasionally, should objectionable posts become enough of a problem. I would be pretty fine with this if a sub I posted to was turning people away.

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Um, I'm not sure what you mean.

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As long as we worship abide by the great Debate Pyramid, there should be nothing objectionable.

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Very true; I tried to think of objectionable content, then realised it would violate the pyramid anyway…

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Excellent. Let's talk about your mama...

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I like it. I also like making 'all' the home page and removing 'home' since they are nearly the same.

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If home becomes the user's subscribed then I think it's still important for the all to exist (including ads etc). It makes for easy RSS archiving and searching, if for no other reasons.

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Oh yeah, /s/all can never die or be censored or the whole site is for nothing

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What's the advantage of having the site listed as .net instead of the more common .com?

I like the changes so far.

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None. is for sale for around $7k but was available.

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So the advantage is that it was less expensive? Makes sense. If you could raise the $7k or get it from a donor would you buy or prefer that?

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Yeah we prefer the .com and would get it if possible.

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Do you all have any plans for a "gold" type system or other forms of donation/income? I'd love to donate to a "startup" like this that doesn't rely on massive corporate adverts and buyouts like whats been happening over at reddit.

Edit: I just found the patreon and subscribed.

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Thanks man!

We don't have plans for a gold type system, but we may offer browser crypto mining as another way to contribute directly to the site.

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Thanks for becoming a patreon for saidit! Much appreciated! It means a lot to us to have support to help pay for the costs of keeping this site alive. Thank you so much!

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Why? It indicates a site being a company which, for me at least, indicates an alterior motive of extracting revenue from users to an inordinate extent.

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I guess for no good reason, just for .com seeming more legit. Great point. I guess we stumbled into the right domain name for us. Unless it should be

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Originally intended for use by non-profit organizations, and still primarily used by some.


Originally intended for use by domains pointing to a distributed network of computers, *or "umbrella" sites that act as the portal to a set of smaller websites.

[–]magnora7[S] 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (8 children) is already taken. But (similar to is available for cheap. Maybe we should think about getting that one too

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Sit on it quick! Then make a redirect.

And all the others you can.

If it helps, I can send you the BitCoin James Corbett gave me a year ago or more. I think it was 0.1 or 0.01 BTC and at the time he said it was worth $10 USD. Last month I checked and it's worth about $50 (USD or CAD I don't recall). I drafted him an email to ask if I should keep sitting on it, give it back to him, buy some drugs or truther books or gear or something, or give it to SaidIt - but I haven't sent it as I was waiting for a good video to post it to or to send it privately and risk it being lost forever (he's not so good with emails).

I also have that Namecoin if you want it to trade for BTC or to use for a ZeroNet domain.

Also, did Ryan reach you? He asked for your email. He's easy to get on his Discord chat at :

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Yeah we might do that! A donation would definitely be appreciated!

Are you talking about Ryan formerly from The Tin Foil Hat show? I haven't been in touch, but I'd sure like to. He can email me, but I never ever really check that email. It's He can message me on reddit or saidit as well, with the account magnora7. I'd be much more likely to see that. I might set up a discord

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I can expedite the transfer if A) you need it ASAP or B) you will get those domains. Otherwise I was just going to sit on it until TCR does another episode on crypto, solutions, etc or anything remotely related to SaidIt's perview. Unless I can bribe Corbett with his own bitcoin to interview you.

I can do the Namecoin immediately if you set it up. The guy who donated it to me hoped I'd start a ZeroNet site, whatever that entails. I'd rather you did that than change it for bitcoin but that's up to you. I'd like to email him about whatever you do with it.

Yes, Ryan Dawson, the ANCReport (Anti-NeoCon). (He has terrible weak branding.) He's been everywhere from old RT, Corbett, TFH, Know More News, etc etc etc. (Not to be confused with Ryan Cristian, also on Discord, the Last American Vagabond (TLAV) that I'm still occasionally poking to interview you too.)

Vimeo shut Ryan Dawson down, stole $5k and that income from his pay-per-view service. So he's hurting a bit from that. You both could benefit from cross-promotion.

He has some STRONG (impatient) views on 9/11 with extensive research into it. It's not hard to say holograms and space beams are silly, but one of the things he defends is the saggy beam pancake thing created by a furnace environment burning hotter than just an oil lamp with kerosene (close to jet fuel) or a Coleman stove with white gas (hotter). (I spin fire poi and do fire breathing.) He thinks that was enough to bring the buildings down. I'm not convinced of that, yet.

Dawson's Discord chat is like a cross between SaidIt, 4Chan, and Alt-Right Anti-Semites. It's a little too hostile for my tastes but they post good and/or funny stuff on occasion when I feel motivated to browse and repost here.

OMG & WTF? It's crazy busy on Discord today. Too many posts. I'll repost them here tomorrow. Then I'm basically quitting that distraction for a while. I just gave your email to both Ryans.

SaidIt Discord chat :

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Also, FYI, I don't recall which Ryan Discord chat prompted me to respond to how to deal with discord, but to both Ryans' chats I posted the Debate Pyramid and the programmer dude it's named after, and of course a plug for SaidIt. I think this may have grabbed Dawson's attention. Maybe not. I think it's worth promoting in general anyway.

And, when he asks about your odd name, don't forget to mention the 6 other times you were censored. We live in an open prison state/planet. (AJ stole the good names.)

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Exactly what I was thinking. .org

I'll dig up and share my lists with you from November or December that I shared with m7.

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I was never a company and I had a .com from 2001-2011 ish. It's the default.

I'd like to see SaidIt get a .org for real freeshpeaches.

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Months ago I privately messaged magnora7 a list of clever and semi-clever domains that were available for cheap, on the off chance that he needed multiple domains to mirror on should "they" try to shut one or more down. Feel free to ask him for them. Maybe you'll want to sit on them if he hasn't.

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

Have you tried talking them down? Assuming you have a significant chunck to throw at it?

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Haven't tried and there's no budget, but yeah they could probably be talked down.

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

After the iPhone app and whatever other things you're working on, and you're ready to take the next giant leap or need more server backups or whatever you could do a fundraising survey, before a real fundraising, to determine top priorities and goals, including getting the .com before they hike the price or whatevs.

Also, my projects are a loooong way from pulling anyone in, but hopefully with a modicum of success they will, as well as hopefully raise funds.

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I've wondered this for awhile.

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I'm in favour of switching the home page to /subscribed and having /all be all, including the ads.

I'd like an auto subscribe option in my preferences too.

If you don't include the ads in /all then perhaps you can create a (locked) /all/wiki listing those subs that have been omitted to be fair and open about it.

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Is this about the recent spike in German posts?

The least disruptive change might be to just exclude non-english posts from the default home page, since most of us won't understand them anyway. And keep everything else as is.

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Perhaps it could only include languages the user has indicated they know, through browser and site settings. My browser, for example, indicates that I know Esperanto, a couple forms of English, and Spanish.

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I love good automated features. If it's easy then sure. But it sounds like it'd be easier to unsub.

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I'm glad they're here but I can't read it and I'll likely unsub from the German stuff soon. I suppose others might feel similar, and appreciate the modification too. I think d3rr has it figured out by now.

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Speaking as a mod from /s/deutsch: From our side it would be even possible to hide our posts from s/all but I don't know if it's ideal solution because we may have english posts which all of you could enjoy.

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Sounds good

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Are you still considering making the votes public? I think you should.

You have an Amalek problem here and he's going to make 100 usernames and trash the site, just like he did to Voat.

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No we figured out other ways to detect and remove these people. The new "no self-upvoting" rule we just put in to place solves most of these issues so we're not going the public vote records right now. However we will make the modlogs public, I'm working on that right now.

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I don't know what modlogs are yet but it sounds good going public.

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We finished that project, I'm going to announce it soon. They're the logs of all the activity by the moderators in that subreddit. Shows things like bans, removals, etc. So having it public means everyone can see everything that's removed and so on, and every other action taken by the moderator. For example here's the modlog for this sub

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)


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I'm all for 100% transparency too in all things except identity privacy.

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I prefer the current way, as it invites users to break echo-chambers by joining in on subs they may not necessarily be part of yet.

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New users are currently autosubbed to all. I love that model too.

But I don't think the changes proposed affects that issue.