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Isn't this what /s/saidit is for?

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But I forget to look there. Also, there's a bunch of non-important stuff in /s/SaidIt too.

Besides the chat thing, it'd be nice to see when the SaidIt-important news drops, rather than reacting weeks late sometimes. Maybe that's just me. Maybe it's just my fear of missing out.

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You could put a scrolling banner over the chat.

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You could do a lot of distracting things.

I just wanted to present important information in an accessible way.

I'd also considered in the header too, on the right side there's room for another menu.

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You could do a lot of distracting things.

Good point. Maybe you could create a scrolling banner consisting of letters, which were barely perceptible to most readers (think 0.005 ∆ on the color wheel)

Those with a keen enough awareness could haplessly ponder the shifting pixilation.

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I've played with this idea before.. I think it comes down to whether or not there's enough meaningful content to put in it. I'll try to dig up my screenshot.

Anyway for the content:

  • The all music multisub link
  • SaidIt post of the week
  • ?

(If you didn't notice the footer wiki link is now "wiki & faq")

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I noticed. I asked M7 to add the FAQ. I don't know if anyone notices the footer. While I obviously like wikis, I don't mind being the main one working on them, but it feels a little weird. I'm not hogging the stage if there's no one in the theatre. I'd be happier to share the stage or get off it and watch sometimes. I've been frustrated with the wiki limits and my projects but I'm making it work and am happy it's here. I don't need my wikis to be prominent and noticed. My main concern is to bring forward the FAQ for folks, as well as remind them of a fantastic underutilized feature. The same goes for the "donate" link. I really really think you should add that (then make code bounties).

My light-grey box may be too tall (I intentionally made it big to grab your attention). If you look at the SaidIt Surveys sidebox with 6 bullet points - I was thinking like that height or less, and that size font. With a table you could have even more links if you want.

Post of the week is good. Maybe you guys want to draw our attention to your fave conversations, etc. I'd thought of that myself but didn't want to impose more work for you guys.

Music and other stuff is good. I hadn't thought of making a "Best Of SaidIt" list or directory thing but that'd be neat - and might be better to whip it up on a full page wiki, rather than just a little box. (It's almost starting to sound like compiling articles for a newspaper or, dare I say, /s/SaidItWeekly or /s/SaidItMonthly and it's animated series!)

I still haven't finished categorizing all the subs in /s/SaidIt/wiki/multisubs . It will still be a while. I'm chipping away at it a bit at a time. Sometimes it's painfully tedious manual shit, sometimes it's good mindless work while listening to other newsy stuff, working out my OCD tendencies.

Maybe I'm delusional but I believe the multisubs/categorization thing will eventually be a tremendous asset to SaidIt, one way or another. Whether they do or not, I can only hope others might actually utilize it somehow. I'm hoping it might also be a step up over Reddit. Unless they already do that or have metatags.

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Importance is only relevant to those that find it in any given material.

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Subjective importance, yes.

If M7D3 say it's important I believe them.

Objective existential importance is another thing. If the only 2 SaidIt founders and admins, M7D3, say the site is going down for 12 hours starting at 4:20 CST fer muh reazonz, then you might say all subjectivity will also be shut down for 12 hours. I'm not expecting another DDoS attack but they are planning to move servers to Switzerland soon, among other admin things I'm clueless about.

Another example: Let's say they come up with a new rule for bots. Or streaming. Meanwhile all the cricket/MMA/crokinole livestream pirates flood in here unknowingly breaking all the new rule and get this site put in some kind of ICANN limbo. Oops, wish we'd known.

Censorship is getting worse, and a early warning system might be good.

They could even put other statistics there. Site health: red-yellow-green. Number of registered users: "more than yesterday" 12,4821. Alexa rating: global rank #73,008 today (#501,249 90 days ago)2 , [It seems, largely due to MMA streams.]