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SaidIt Survey Drafts


Don't forget: remove drafts after they've been posted.

This is an open wiki. You may edit it. Respect other's work. If you're concerned about deleting someone else's work then put it in brackets or use double ~ on either side to strike it out.

Format = 4 sections for each post draft :

  1. issue - short summary

  2. title - for post <=300 characters

  3. body - for post full details

  4. extra information / notes / comments / discussion / reviews - before they're actually posted to SaidIt at large


1) [ empty ]


1) SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New 2019 Logo?

  • Title:

SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New 2019 Logo?

  • Body:

[ empty ]

  • Notes:

    • New logo / variation / treatment / colour every year / birthday / season / holiday / event ?
    • Constructive criticisms?
    • Requests?

2) SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New CSS?

  • Title:

SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New CSS?

  • Body:

[ empty ]

  • Notes:

    • Constructive criticisms?
    • Requests?
    • site wide?, opinions?, suggestions?, improvements?


1) SaidIt Survey: Top 3 IdeasForSaidIt Feature Requests

  • Title:

SaidIt Survey: Top 3 IdeasForSaidIt Feature Requests

  • Body:

The SaidIt features wish list ideas are good, bad, ugly, and incomplete. AND OVERWHELMING! Some of the bad ideas may lead to better ones so even the bad ideas are helpful, if for nothing other than an issue indicator and placeholder. So clearly this long list is potentially useful but we need to help M7D3 focus.

So introducing...

Top 3 IdeasForSaidIt Feature Requests

Feel free to take a look at or add to the long SaidIt features wish list, but this survey is about narrowing it down to the most wanted, most important, and best ideas to be focused on.

We want to hear everyone's input, feedback, discussion, and ideas about features you want for an authentically democratic transparent development of this website and community.

Other related or not-related ideas to improve the transparent process of notification and implementation, other policies, and the future of SaidIt are welcome too and though there may already be discussions ongoing, concluded, or in the works, if you don't participate we can't inform you about them.

Already active:

  • A SaidIt iPhone app variant of Beam for Reddit on iOS - currently in development.

  • Decentralization - a long term goal, 1-2 years out.

See also:

  • Notes:

[ empty ]


1) [ empty ]


1) SaidIt Survey: NSFW Policy Ideas + Default Configs

  • Title:

SaidIt Survey: NSFW Policy Ideas + Default Configs

  • Body:

[ empty ]

Being controversial and a potential free-speech target and maybe even threat to the future of SaidIt requires extra attention and responsible policies. Etc...

Take a look at the CSS of /s/WatchPeopleDie to see a potential example of a customized theme. In this case the only area affected is the header/banner.

1 1. Are there other design

Questions raised:

  1. Should all NSFW subs get a distinguishing default CSS theme? (mod may override with custom sub CSS)


new design-based warning default?

  1. other warning indicators?

  2. other policy ideas?

  • Notes:

JasonCarswell I specifically chose that sub not to be mod but to do the design - not only because I like doing them but because I saw an opportunity to propose something to the Saiditrons.

d3rr oh a likely story Mr. WPD creator. Theyre gonna put you on a wiki page.

JasonCarswell For NSFW this, or something different but cautionary like this could be the default CSS. Naturally mods could still customize their thing.

JasonCarswell Then they can put this part of the story too.

d3rr hahaaa

JasonCarswell I can't even look at the titles of the WPD sub

JasonCarswell ALSO andother reason I wanted to have input in the beginnnig was I didn't want it to be "WPD" which curious people might stumble into. I wasn't this above all things to be well marked - which IMHO could be a great new policy for NSFW content.

Well it all started when I had lots of noob ideas and suggestions and you guys said do it yourself in a CSS and put it to a vote to see if people want to accept the revision site wide. I'd be honoured if they did but I won't be insulted if they don't. Now that I know where all the things are and how they work I could do a toned down less ergonomic version for style rather than function. But it's not a priority and I have nothing immediately coming to mind for that.

d3rr logo on the header, side by side with existing

d3rr ill give you an empty sub to use for it if you need to

JasonCarswell Also asking for suggestions and open for questions on some of my design motivations - primarily ergonomic with style second - I still have to rework day though.


1) SaidIt Survey: Empty Subs Policy Ideas

  • Title:

SaidIt Survey: Empty Subs Policy Ideas

  • Body:

[ empty ]

  • Notes:

    • squatting on names is one thing, unseen, squatting on subs is another?
    • discus pros and cons of sub-squatting?
    • why the neeeeed to be mod so bad you'd squat?
    • is that good non-extremist mod behaviour?
    • use it or loose it after 2 months minimum? (vote on time span)
    • people have concerns about admins messing with the database.
    • are concerns of database editing sufficiently eased with enough transparency?
    • 1 to 4 purges per year? (vote on time span)

2) SaidIt Survey: Bot Transparency Policy Ideas

  • Title:

SaidIt Survey: Bot Transparency Policy Ideas

  • Body:

[ empty ]

  • Notes:

    • do folks realize A.I. is only going to get better?
    • - do folks realize the Technocracy will infiltrate all threats?
    • - do folks realize the Technocracy will have the best bots?
    • - do folks even care about the threat of the Technocracy?
    • - do folks even care if posts are bot or not?
    • - do folks even want bot policy?
    • bot transparency policy - must declare or not?
    • - must notify mods/admins about applying bots?
    • - must declare bot activity in sub sidebox description? (ie. "This sub has bots.")
    • - bots only allowed to post to declared subs? (ie. "This sub has bots.")
    • - bots only allowed to post to dedicated bot-labeled subs? (ie. /s/videos_bots or /s/bots_videos)
    • grandfathering policy for extant bots?
    • - must existing pre-policy bots declare themselves?
    • - must existing pre-policy bots declare themselves to get exemptions from new policies?
    • - must existing pre-policy bots relocated to dedicated subs if new bots are?


1) [ empty ]

Uncertain / Other

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