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SaidIt Surveys

Bringing democracy to SaidIt one truth bomb at a time.

This SaidIt Surveys wiki front page is open to anyone in the SaidIt community to edit.

What's currently here can be expanded upon so add your survey ideas and notes as this page could have more uses (a FAQ, or...?). The point is, be bold and don't fear to improve this page, sub, and SaidIt.

Note: Sub-wiki-pages may be created, but be sure to also add them to them to the Master Wiki List.

Potential SaidIt Surveys (wish list)

These items are being fleshed out in Drafts (/s/SaidItSurveys/wiki/drafts).

This simplified list of potential surveys should always be copied to the Drafts page where they may be similarly listed and expanded upon with a title (300 characters), detailed message, and notes/discussion information, to be collectively accessed, discussed, and revised before they're actually posted to SaidIt at large.

Q: Why not draft on this "index" page? Why create a separate "drafts" page?

A: To keep this "index" page minimal with a simple list and ready for other SaidIdSurvey wiki content if necessary - and to lay the template for expansion. As SaidIt grows these categories (Admin, Design, Features, Moderation, Multi-Issues, Policy, Topical, Other) may require their own wiki-pages so more than one person may simultaneously edit different pages. This precaution is especially necessary on this current wiki that doesn't have the complex features like Wikipedia, including conflict notification.


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  1. SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New 2019 Logo?

  2. SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New CSS?


  1. SaidIt Survey: Top 3 IdeasForSaidIt Features


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  1. SaidIt Survey: NSFW Policy Ideas + Default Configs


  1. SaidIt Survey: Empty Subs Policy Ideas

  2. SaidIt Survey: Bot Transparency Policy Ideas


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Uncertain / Other

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