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SaidIt Surveys

This SaidIt Surveys wiki front page is open to anyone in the SaidIt community to edit. More than what's currently here can be added so add your survey ideas and notes as this page may have other uses (a FAQ, or...?). Point is, be bold.

Also, sub-pages may be created, but be sure to add them to them to the Master Wiki List.

Potential SaidIt Surveys (wish list) and Drafts

This simplified list of potential surveys should be copied to the Drafts (/s/SaidItSurveys/wiki/drafts) page where they should be similarly listed with additional title, body, and notes/discussion information, where they can be collectively accessed, discussed, and revised before they're actually posted to SaidIt at large.

NOTE: This point form list is temporary and will be cleaned up this wiki is brand new.


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  • SaidIt Survey: CSS

    • site wide?, opinions?, suggestions?, improvements?

  • SaidIt Survey: Logo


  • SaidIt Survey: Top 3 IdeasForSaidIt


  • -


  • SaidIt Survey: NSFW Default Config

    • design-based warning default?
    • other indicators?
    • etc.

Other / Uncertain:

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  • SaidIt Survey: Empty Subs

    • use it or loose it after 3 months?
    • 1 to 4 purges per year?

  • SaidIt Survey: Bot Policy Ideas

    • do people realize A.I. is only going to get better?
    • do people realize the Technocracy will infiltrate all threats?
    • do people realize the Technocracy will have the best bots?
    • do people care if it's bot or not?
    • must notify mods about applying bots?
    • must declare bot activity it in sub's sidebox description?
    • bots only allowed to post to declared subs? (ie. This sub has bots.)
    • bots only allowed to post to dedicated bot-labeled subs?
    • grandfather policy for extant bots?


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SaidIt wikis

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