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I don't trust Alexa at all. Last year I discovered they were fudging the numbers. The graph in blue looks like it's straightened out for some reason but I think it's just controlled. I stopped doing the charts when I wasn't getting admin help on InfoGalactic, plus I forgot, and it's tedious.

On the other hand I found that SimilarWeb continued to be fair and apparently accurate.

cc /u/AXXA, /u/Dinosaurysus, /u/thefirststone

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Seems like we're down to roughly 40 contributors now, down over half, by my estimate. That's just me eyeballing.

As far as I know, nobody has yet heard from M7, it's been 18 days now.

And at this point I feel I kinda have to be on reddit for stonks and crypto. It's nice the app doesn't suck any more. And you can earn crypto there now from posting.

Still, got all those extreme left wingers and shitty mods, but with the influx of investors, who tend to have conservative values, it's bringing some balance back.

All in all, this seems terrible for Saidit.

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I'm perusing Saidit in the hopes a better site gets recommended. I have yet to see a better site get recommended.

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You and me both. I think we should take back reddit tho. Not as an end be all, but I'm not sure whats going on here. A moderated subreddit could handle all of the users here easily, it'd just be a small sub at this point.

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We can be the lost tribe returning to take over Reddit. If only one of us owned a bank or few.

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u/JasonCarswell I think it's time I took more of an interest in your work with s/Cassy

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Everyone should, as I was saying to Jesus:

Perhaps I should post that.

I was starting to give up, sort of, after finding a small but vibrant local community, not just talking, but doing things (as we used to do for Burning Man). Since I discovered them (not really hiding), every week but one (last minute ride cancellation) I've been attending the Saturday lockdown protests. Some of them have interest in my decentralization ideas - and they may have some money and/or skills to help.

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You should post that. For some reason, I never saw this message and only saw it when scrolling through comment logs.

I will PM more concerning my views on all this. Keep working, Jason!

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Thanks for the encouragement and finding this.

Now that things have finally solidified and what needs to be done is becoming crystal clear...

Post : /s/Cassy/comments/80b8/cassandra_team_presents_our_forum_on_tor_soft/

In comments : /s/debatealtright/comments/80ch/weve_gotten_a_reprieve_but_m7_is_still_mia_afaik/

...And we have a solid plan of action moving forward now, there's no reason I can't rework that and share it to motivate folks. I do have some a few more pressing things to draft up.

Including the need for financial support. Soon.

We were starting slowly from small to big, but with the urgency of last weeks insanity with down time it seems time to start big, strong, and solid and then spread out.

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If you're just lurking, the reddit frontend works great. It's quick and lightweight, and you can subscribe to subreddits using multis or cookies. Doesn't support accounts or posting though.

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I can't deprive the people of my insights Drewski :)

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Saidit just simply doesn't have good user engagement. It's not big enough to get big or stay big.

High numbers of bots posting and upvoting content to front page... check

Low numbers of new legitimate posts... check

Low numbers of votes on legitimate posts... check

Low numbers of comments... check

A few loudmouths (anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, muh freedums) poisoning the well and bullying the comments sections... check

Probably nowhere to go but down. I only spend a few minutes a week at this site now.

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I mostly agree with you but I think the users here are essentially Saidit's main asset. They're why I'm here, I like talking to them. Mostly.

I only spend a few minutes a week at this site now.

Yeah it doesn't take long to get all caught up.

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I believe it's the vaxxers and maskers doing the poisoning.

As for user engagement, it would be far better if not for the acts of certain saidit admins. "Commenter flight" from abuse and insanity is a real phenomenon.

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This only counts people who have installed the Alexa spyware toolbar.

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I love Alexa, use it for everything from music to timing my cooking, sucks it's a spy. They are really handy.

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So either Saidit is getting dumber, or Ruqqus is getting smarter, or the distribution spread changed while they stayed put.

Alexa still claims it counts only "Alexa users," whatever that counts as nowadays. It doesn't count me, anyway.

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Yes I'm really disappointed in them. They also lied about illegal images being on pic8 or catbox or one of those.

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    This, from your linked post:

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      Maybe they aren't lying about the catbox thing, despite that supposed email screenshot. I lost faith in ruqqus when they freaked out and changed the site around when Voat went down.

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        That's when they introduced the sub categorization system and stopped showing content unless you logged in. I mean this site ain't no peach either.