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Glad to see you back around m7! I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I still think it would still be useful if these were signed with a personal PGP key for authenticity.

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Useful how?

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After he shares his PGP key and we store it on our keychain, it would be used to validate that any future signed messages are coming from the same person. Of course if he or his account had already been compromised it would be a moot point, but if he was unable to sign future messages it would be a major red flag.

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I guess. How different is him loosing his PGP key and his SaidIt login password?

I recon it would be nice if we all used some kind of verification thing everywhere. Know of any platforms and/or platform extensions or browser addons that can embed these PGP keys?

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I like to call my posting style "Burst Posting." And I even have a nickname for the moves I use depending on the number of posts I make:

2 Posts: Double Straffing.

4 Posts: Shunyata.

7 Posts: Phoenix's Wings Flight.

12 Posts: Sunrise.

17 Posts: Phoenix Demonic Illusion Blitz/Hell Zone Ambush.

If a CIA goon would try to imitate my posting style they would probably die of embarrassment... So It's a good way to know It's me...

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Yeah, It's because my name is based on the Japanese destroyer.

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Not because you like the CIA and Phoenicia?

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I like it so much that I expose their drug dealing as a hobby?

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I was just curious. The phoenix is a weird one for me.

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Hi there Magnora nice to see you around. You know I always appreciate the work you do over here.

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Thanks, same to you. You actually work hard to show others about saidit and it means a lot

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Wow, you still visit these parts? That is... surprising.

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I hope you're back and things in your life are going better.

I and others are wondering what your plans are for the future of SaidIt. Of the top of my head I have a few critical issues...

The old-Reddit-code is a ticking time bomb and eventually servers will update and SaidIt will no longer be served. To actually update the Python or whatever would take hundreds of coding hours or more. This might be remedied for a while by a dedicated old school server or something, but that still requires setup work, and maybe funding.

It would be good to have a backup plan to pay the domain/hosting bills to avoid future blackouts.

IMO, it would great to be able to archive/share the SaidIt database with the world for the long term. This could be done in many ways, such as make ZIP files available (like WikiSpooks does - and they can be torrented, IPFS, etc.), or share a frozen read-only SaidIt mirror without comment/post/message ability.

Ideally it would be great if we could evolve to another platform (preferably decentralized) and bring the SaidIt DB and history there somehow, even if frozen.

I don't want SaidIt to have problems, but we need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Plus, in these strange times we need all the good communications and networking options possible.

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Damn, I got excited thinking this was a thread to a new 'Canary' build of the Android app.

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why were you gone for so long

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Same thing I asked my wife. Answer is the same, they were busy fucking.

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Take my gripe, please.

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Needed a break really badly

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Seems you missed seeing the notes from Saiditors who've discovered that I am a government agent, hired to argue with one or two of them about the definitions of facts. Wait till I tell Biden about this site. Oh boy....


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But nothing said about the Aman or Shin Bet.

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Does this canary pertain to a time period?

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    Not really because the government can't compel m7 to post these so if we stop seeing them you can infer something from that.

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    Failure to publish a warrant canary may constitute contempt of court, but has never been forced as far as we know. The following excerpt also talks about the PGP key which u/Drewski talks about.

    This is from the website:

    "Can a warrant canary be trusted? On the face of it, warrant canaries sound like a good idea. Many are not convinced, however, arguing that warrant canaries are little more that puff and smoke advertising with little to no real substance.

    1. First Amendment protection for the use of warrant canaries is purely conjectural – it has never been tested in a court of law. It is very possible that a US court would rule that failure to update a warrant canary constitutes contempt of the legal requirement placed on an individual.

    This is even more true outside the US, where people do not enjoy the explicit Constitutional rights afforded to US citizens. Australia is the first country to explicitly outlaw the use of warrant canaries, and other countries (such as the UK) are likely to follow soon.

    1. A website can be easily be taken over by a government and false updates given. Securing a warrant canary with a PGP key is intended to protect against this, but a) how many people actually check these PGP keys?, and b) if a company owner can be compelled to compromise his or her service, they can also be compelled (or bribed) to hand over their PGP keys.

    As Brett Max Kaufman, a lawyer at the American Civil Liberties Union, told the BBC,

    "If the government asked a company to leave its warrant canary up (and therefore communicate something false to the public), the company would have the right to challenge any gag (under the First Amendment... or under certain provisions of the USA Freedom Act) in court. But if a court upheld the government's request... the public would be none the wiser, at least for some time. Indeed, that would be the entire objective from the government's perspective."

    An individual who was quick enough might be able to destroy all copies of their PGP key (which will be stored in a variety of places so it that can be verified) before being forced to hand it over. This would allow an eagle-eyed observer to notice the missing signature if the company is forced to keep updating its warrant canary. There is still no way, however, for customers to know whether or not a key has not been destroyed.

    Secure web storage firm SpiderOak makes a brave attempt to address this problem by having its warrant canary digitally signed by 3 different high ranking individuals within the company (who are presumably located in different geographical locations). This would certainly make coercing (or bribing) all signers more difficult (or expensive), but provides no cast-iron guarantees that this is the case and that they can all be trusted.

    1. Even when warrant canaries are "triggered” (i.e. they are not updated in a timely manner), this is often ignored. A good example is Apple, which in 2014 removed its warrant canary from its latest transparency report. Despite this, it was widely argued that the removal probably did not mean that Apple had been forced to hand over data following secret government orders. This may or may not be true, but whatever the case, the incident was quickly forgotten and customers carried on trusting Apple as usual.

    Another example is the missing warrant canary in Reddit’s 2015 transparency report. Despite some initial concern among a small subsection of Redditors, business on the Reddit forums has also since continued as usual."

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    I feel like I should start making canaries for sites I haven't made yet before I'm forced to stop by my evil Canadian overlords.

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    This is the biggest load of dumb crap

    Why? How? Provide reasons with logic otherwise you're just noise.

    You are an idiot

    Not only is name-calling against SaidIt rules, people here know that is not true and your argument is dead on arrival.

    may you and everyone you communicate on a back channel with forever rot in bureaucratic hell.

    What back channel? Why should they suffer?

    Without more info and context this is unsubstantial noise.

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    name-calling against SaidIt rules

    Holy fuck, you knew that this whole time!?

    Lol, sorry Jason just fucking with you xoxo

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    But what constitutes a name and/or "name-calling"?

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    Does that really confuse you or are you trying to argue semantics? Honest question.

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    Both of those are actually huge cans of worms.

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    Nope - not if we are honest.

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    You wouldn't know the first thing about being honest.

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    I think we can spot BS when we read it.