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Again, the rationale is incomprehensible to me.

They leave your sub which openly discussed methods and illegal shit, albeit privately for months. We know they knew about it, and we also know that private subs still have to follow site-wide rules.

Then they suddenly ban FreeToGo with no warning, after it's been around for months, and also immediately ban the regrouping sub even though no suicide talk was even going on there. They give no indication of what we did wrong or what rules were actually being broken, just the vague "violent content" excuse.

The only one they leave is the worst one, TTG, but still effectively kill the sub through quarantining it, despite /r/suicidewatch having exactly the same "suicidal ideation" content AND FTG having exactly the same content except for the absurd rules of TTG that have nothing to do with the content policy.

Then they suddenly ban your sub now?

And they leave all those other subreddits pointed out in the other post alone that have open method discussion and open "encouragement". They are aware of suicidenotes, they have quarantined suicidenotes, yet it remains without active mods to this day and people are openly wishing each other peace in there with no repercussions. /r/suicidewatch seems to be allowed to get away with whatever they want, because they're a huge, old sub, have a mainstream mental health, hardline anti-suicide mentality, and I think a few of them are "power mods" that have control of in hundreds of communities. They have also parked a lot of the other /r/suicide___ subs so no one else can have control of them.

So those things don't present advertiser problems or liability problems... as long as they're not pro-choice?

What on earth is going on here?

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You're right. They do seem to be cracking down on every suicide-related subreddit except for /r/SuicideWatch. I guess they view every suicide-related subreddit as a possible liability, and with only one or two, they would be able to keep an eye on it. But it does cast light on some extra double standards. Much of what shows up on /r/SuicideWatch matched the content from FTG and other small subs related to the topic. It's disappointing, but at least we have this place.