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Science fiction? This isn't science fiction. It's a comedy. If it's science fiction, where's the science?

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You are quite correct. "Space Opera Fantasy" is what Star Wars and Star Trek really are. Unfortunately there are a lot of meh space operas out there with an occasional but too few well crafted productions I can enjoy.

I love me some hard-science-fiction, preferably without magic devices or monsters with proper physics. I'm guessing that's what you're after too.

My top priority is finishing my /s/BittersweetSeeds hard sci-fi cautionary tale to share and get feedback before I fully illustrate and then finesse its storyboards to ultimately be published as a graphic novel, in hopes that along the way interest will pick up to make it a feature film. It's been 19 years thus far and I have years to go. When it's finally presentable as a first rough draft, SaidIt will be the first place I'll share it.

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The second best Star Trek movie isn't from the Star Trek franchise.

Similarly, we love The Orville TV show. It's really good once it gets going. We call it "Seth Trek".