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rewrite what the borg are, to humanize or ethicize them.

LOL, they are the Communist Left's wet dream. Hollywood want's to turn everyone into mindless drones.

more rewrites of characters and reboots of stories than there are new stories coming out

100% this. Everywhere you look it's at best a movie based on a novel; at best. Then you get comic book movies, and remakes. It seems ever since the writers strike Hollywood never recovered.

The real problem is that they purged anyone who isn't a radical leftist. Most people are tired of the SJW bullshit, but the left controls movies, TV, Youtube, Google, Twitter, facebook, Reddit, Netflix etc so they have been able to create the illusion that there is no backlash to the agenda they push. Unfortunately they have a monopoly on media so there is nowhere else for people to go.

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"communist left" "radical left" Are you sure you don't mean cultural marxism or bolshevism?
Which is to say these are loaded, dogwhistle, amorphous terms that mean different things to different people, but are generally propaganda terms.
As someone who would be seen as a radical leftist by a lot of people, because I basically reject the idea rich people should rule and believe we should redistribute their ill-gotten wealth and use it for something other than epsteining, I can promise you that my time trying to break into the screenwriting, acting, comedy and music professions, I was not welcomed with open arms by a legion of communists in hollywood. The opposite, it was like, and still is like, I do not exist.
You are repeating tired tropes from sites like newsmax and using words that you would probably have a difficult time defining, especially if you think the borg represent any "leftist"'s version of utopia.
Which is to say you are perpetuating tired propaganda representations of your opponents, and at the same time overlooking most of the main points I am trying to make.
"the real problem is that they purged anyone who isnt a radical leftist" - this is just very, very wrong on many levels. No one was purged, everything is done by cultural hegemony, blacklisting, invisible blacklisting, and the people who are still left in the industry, J. J. Abrams might be a hillary clinton supporter or prefer democrats to republicans, but a communist he is not. But his rewrites of start wars and star trek and everything else he touches are radical, so you are going to have to actually work to figure out what his agenda is, not just repeat something you heard somewhere.

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because I basically reject the idea rich people should rule and believe we should redistribute their ill-gotten wealth

The problem is when you assume wealth is by definition ill gotten. That is blind hatred based on false assumptions and caricatures. And it is these false assumptions that are the problem and make leftist into irrational self righteous assholes.

There are several far left agendas that Hollywood pushes not least of which is the trans agenda that is based entirely on pseudoscience, or rather anti science, that denies thousands of years of study of sex characteristics. Which seeks to make everyone a genderless borg, and force everyone to live in a state of denial about reality thereby destroying thier psyche and making them incapable of denying absurdity when it is used to enslave them.

The culmination of which is thus far the chemical mutilation of preteens under the guise of helping them when all the medical science thus far shows that if they were simply allowed to go through puberty then the vast majority would be cured of their delusions.

This stuff is absolutely insane, disgusting, and evil. So when I call it far left it is not a loaded amorphous term, and it is your charicterisation of my terminology as a dog whistle and associated claims that is propaganda.

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You ignore everything I said and repeat yourself, then accuse me of what I called you out for.

So no I do not want to waste my time arguing with you when you are clearly sliding the thread, distracting from the topic at hand, and pushing a divisive agenda laden with loaded terms.

I look through your comment history and this is what you do all day long, so


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This isn't 4 chan, you can't "slide a thread". You are talking out of your ass and don't know what half the words mean.

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Yes it is, when you flood early comments with longwinded offtopic belligerant ignorant posts.

You are doing like 10 things off this list at the same time, and if you were unaware of this, then you would be really quite a silly person.

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RedLetterMedia's Re:View series pointed out pretty much all the problems of it. There's like 4-5 videos covering a few episodes. Picard is basically what happens when you take a popular series, create a new installment with writings who have very little knowledge of the series, all for the sole purpose of cramming as much modern day politics in it as possible.

The problems in the series wouldn't even exist due to previous established.

-Romulan refugees on earth? Those wouldn't exist since they have many planets.

-Eat Le rich bullshit? You've got machines that can create anything. There's no such thing as rich people in Star Trek.

People are noticing the 'Strong woman weak man' syndrome in Picard.

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Thanks for the tip ill check it out.

It is sad, as a writer who is excluded from the industry, to watch amateur writing mistakes on prime time socially conditioning my country in a degenerative way.

They are making so much money to ruin things, while shutting down any new ideas. It is really gross.

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Agree with every point you've made, all very astute observations.

Huge TNG/Picard fan here--I only got two episodes in and bailed. Thank you for articulating so well what I couldn't quite put my finger on. You hit it right on the head, it's a kind of cultural theft. Picard and TNG were like a beacon for humanity's best outcome, a sort of message in a bottle from our future selves, inviting us to be our best.

Also, even as someone who drops more than my fair share of f-bombs, I found the swearing totally out of place in the Star Trek universe. As you pointed to, the creators seem to be stopping at nothing to make this series "update" to our current cultural zeitgeist of debasement and lowest common denominator crassness. In the last episode I watched, one woman even said "Dude, that shit sucks." or something like that. "Dude" in 2346 or whatever year it's supposed to be. I dunno, it just snapped me out of any aspiration I had to be in Picard's future world.

Thank you for bringing this up for discussion, I think it is not a trivial matter.

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I don't watch new shows or movies by default, since virtually all the big ones have this kind of agenda forced in. The only decent new show I can think of is Better Call Saul. Thank you for posting this though, it's good to share it with others.

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I love Star Trek abd super excited about this. In the first episode of picard with the couple in the room, those special ops ninja guys start attacking the girl. I knew right then it wasnt going to be for me and turned it off.

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i was annoyed how they downloaded him into a robot (killed data's spirit along the way) and then set him to expire in 10 years, thats fucking retarded, if picard is going to be a new breed of android we need him around

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They are killing our heroes in our own imagination, I for one am not letting them in.

But I feel like Im flinging grains of sand against the tidal wave, please share widely.


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Humans are humans. Utopia doesn't exist because Utopia to me is different than Utopia to you.

If your Utopia is my hell, where does that leave us? (Canada's current political climate isa good example. Don't like Trudeau you're a Nazi racist).

The story was interesting. I liked it.

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interesting is a weak word, dont use it, it is a placeholder for an actual idea.

This comment is basically tautological, you just say "i like what i like because i like it" or something so it is a waste of breath and time

the idea of utopia is useful as a concept to strive towards, and it is easy to tell who is striving for it and who is not, which is useful, while arguing over any subjective perfectionist concept may be "interesting" in some relaxed contexts but is more often used, like you are doing here, to distract from the criticism of someone who is clearly not trying to make the world better, like j.j. abrams, who is clearly a propagandist who made a series called "picard" to assault the previous character he played and the surrounding ideas.

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Kurtzman Trek is absolute crap.

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TL;DR. I watched it. I liked it. I'm not the only one. Commander Data's death was particularly moving, especially when Blue Skies was sung by his "daughter".

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All of you overthink this shit way way too much!