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Just finished watching the whole series, or should that be serial?

The quality is not very consistent. Some of the episodes are great, some are ridiculously bad. It's hard to rate because of the number of both good & bad episodes is about equal (if you skip the first season). So much heart-to-heart episode/season-filler. But American audiences seem to really enjoy heart-to-heart scenes, for some reason.

It's a bit too similar to your average Star Trek spin-off. Military sci-fi seems to be the only type of sci-fi Americans feel comfortable doing, like Stargate.

A lot of the Alien cultures tended to be a mixture between Native American & Japanese, which is also to be expected of an American show.

Garibaldi & Londo were the best characters. Peter Jurasik is the best actor. Totally believable.

Back in the 90s B5 stood out a lot better, being a serial, but nowadays absolutely every modern American show for the passed 20 years has been a serial. Personally, I really dislike serials (I prefer series). Another hang-up of mine is the dreadful picture & sound quality that absolutely every American show suffers from pre-/(& sometimes even)post-HD.

If it comes down to B5 vs. all the Star Treks & Stargates, then B5 might snag first place (or second only to the original Star Trek). Like all sci-fis, it can't compete with space-race era sci-fi shows. The 50s & 60s were the golden age.

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wtf hooktube, is that still a thing?

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No, it was disabled a few years ago, per the post by its dev, and essentially does nothing now.

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I beleived this, until I watched it.

The acting was beyond awful. The dialogue, beyond awful. the sets, beyond awful. The graphics, trash.

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Yeah, I wanted to like it. But it was too often corny, the graphics (done on the AMIGA WOW!) were never that good, and they dipped far too much into Tolkien in the later years. And I like Tolkien.

Although there's one scene I always liked. Londo is sitting with another Centauri feasting. He recounts the story that they had once shared their home planet with another species, the Xon. Londo says, "Do you know what the last Xon said, just before he died?"

[clutches chest]

Both Centauri together: "AAAAGGGHHHH!"

[they clink glasses and drink]

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That is a good line. I remember liking B5 at the time, but god only knows why. I think i may have missed the first season

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