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are dancing schools still a thing? they should all go and learn to dance. yes, with women.

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Dancing of all sorts. I like to freestyle especially to funk house, brostep, and glitch-hop and music festivals, but there's so much more out there to explore - from formal to casual, genre specific, to freeform.

There's no shortage of things to do.

First thing is to throw away all the preconceptions of all the "women's work". Sewing does not mean making lacey doilies. Gardening (farming) does not mean only dainty flowers. Cooking and baking does not require being barefoot and pregnant.

Join political groups (ie. The Green Party), join local community efforts (clean up the river or playgrounds), etc. If they don't exist, start them.

Fuck the online dating if it doesn't work for you. Make flyers and post them around town - in real life. Start your own community singles dating group thang.

Sports doesn't always need a ball, nor need to be competitive. Hiking, biking, sailing, skiing, camping, etc.

Historical societies are always around somewhere. Learn shit and impress the ladies who would be impressed. Maybe participate in some historical recreations.

Chicks dig video games too. And reading books. And productions (music, plays, filmmaking, cinemaphiles, vlogs, etc). And roleplaying / costumes. If you don't have a style consider finding one. For example, maybe you like the Rockabilly aesthetic and maybe there's a Tiki Bar with horseshoes...

I could on but I'm boring myself.

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    Actually looks like you have some pretty good content there.

    They didn't care months ago. I doubt it's a priority.

    I feel inspired enough to write some poetry for your sub. Stay tooned.

    Seems like "submissions restricted" there too.

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      I don't know why it says it. I never saw it before. I've been away for a few months.

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        I didn't know that was a thing.

        /u/d3rr is that a thing?

        If so, does it apply retroactively so I have to root out my no-no's?

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        Keyword based bans are a thing on Reddit but not here. With a big asterisk- subs are free to configure automoderator to delete by keyword if they want. I believe that would be shown in the modlogs though. No, nothing retroactive.

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        Thanks. Snow found the mod settings issue.

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          But I already posted my ideas above. Mebe nextime.

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          I was going to write a haiku for your sub, but I see "submissions restricted". Suddently I don't feel so poetic, much less like trying to cram a deep thought into a haiku - so instead feast on this food for thought:

          Is it better to be an incel, or to taste the lips of your wife/girlfriend and suddenly realize you've been cucked? On one hand you get some, on the other hand, or lips, you got more than you barganned for.

          On the other-other hand, you forgot it was bisexual swingers night and you were late to the party! Woohoo!

          Cucku Haiku anyway...

          Grab her by the hips
          Compare incel tears taste to
          Semen on her lips.

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            Which topic? Incels, their "selection process", females, cucks, haikus, etc?

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              Whiners who sit at home and do nothing about it aren't gonna go through the dozens if not hundreds or thousands of potential mates to find "the one".

              Anyone who wants "the best" is only fooling themselves. If they can look back on their flawless lives and not remember a single momement of embarassment, fault, or worse, perpetrated by them of their own free ineptitude, then maybe they deserve "the best". Otherwise they, like all the potential fish in the sea, are only human.

              Further they need to stop watching fantasy movies and porn where the women are just ready and want it, in many ways worse than chick-flicks for lack of reality. Dudes need to earn it. If they want the best they need to earn it - and most never will. They need to get grounded and wake up to their own level and settle or die alone, which isn't that bad either.

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                LOL. "acts gay".

                It's true, I didn't even think about that. So much of our culture has been feminized or damaged. Slim jeans with that saggy droop like Beiber wears is SOOOOOOOO not sexy. Just no. And this pansy femsoyboy thing is too prevalent. It's one thing in real life, where you deal on a case by case, but it's too much on all the media all the time. Men need to be men. And quit giving all the women "cute" boy names, like Alex, Gary, Tom, Danny, etc. Star Trek Discovery even called a girl Michael. WTF?

                Those incel dudes need to be dragged out to some place where they can learn to be men, and learn to be around women, and learn to be men around women. Without experience, you won't understand nuthin. Same thing if they aren't 100% gendered. If they don't understand they won't reason.

                Unless someone forces them to change (ie. drags them out to experience the world in a healthy way), they will fester and/or eventually be exterminated by the culturally engineered society that doesn't want them. Sad but true, and it doesn't look like the propaganda is going to ease up and change anytime soon. The architects of conflict have weaponized sexuality and differences to the max - and doubtlessly have more in store.

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                  That's another good point. To a degree. Gay frogs is old news, and I'm old news, but I don't act gay, even though I've been bi-curious in the past.

                  Part of that bi-curious thing was being young and full of testosterone, being horny all the time, and settling for anything that brushed against my groin, even if repulsive. And in a time before gay acceptance it was worse - with self loathing etc. Getting girls back then wasn't much easier. Especially with ridiculous high standards and expectations. But I got way more than average, but it was never close to enough. I would have done better to have not moved around from city to city so often and found a good girl to settle down with - and get it on the regular (not that it's all there is). Eventually with maturity, I learned that I needed to be fair to myself and to them and not do anyone I really really wanted. No more gnarly girls or dudes. I got fewer but much better action, and the relationships lasted longer.

                  Now with the gay acceptance culture I have fewer issues admitting I dabbled, so that's good. As far as "acting gay", I'd bet you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who knows me who could say that - and as for people who don't know me, one look and you'd likely think straight lumberjack-hippie-santa-ZZTop.

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                  Yes you are banned from incels. They recently got all new mods though, so asking to be unbanned might work.

                  Please don't start a pyramid war with the incels.

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                    A debate on SaidIt policy which the admins must get involved with. Instead of that we can live and let live.

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                    I didn't even know what an incel was until I saw a post. Then commented, without malice. Months ago. I don't know why I got banned (and then got pissed), unbanned, and now banned again (for some reason).

                    I wasn't going to start a war, much less a pyramid war whatever that is. I saw some of their posts, was going to respond with some hopeful tips, and then found it was an incel sub and I was banned (again, for no reason again).

                    I'm starting to wonder if most of their posts are rhetorical questions, "Why can't I get some?" etc.

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                      Elliot Rodger

                      Dang. That's some serious mental illness. (Though I suspect that was a psyop too.)

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                        Well I can tell you from experience, suicide by cop in Canada doesn't work. That was one of my attempts during my fog. My problem was not incel related. It was Big Pharma lies, deception, fraud, scientism related.

                        That's a good reason to force the Incels to be open to discussion, not to let them spiral down into a puddle of self pitty, rage, and violence.

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                        They're trying to have rules that pretty much say no advice no suggestions, and I figure they should be allowed to do so. Kind of an anti-debate rule, but they are historically harassed and give the rules up front. We've encouraged them strongly to use our 3 strikes policy, and not to instant ban.

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                        A perverted echo chamber for masturbataurally whining to circular fuzzy logic with a moist juicy center.

                        "My life sucks."

                        "I wish my life sucks."

                        "I wish I got sucks."

                        "I wish my socks were sex."

                        "Now my socks are messed up."

                        "My life is messed up."

                        Rinse. Repeat. No debate. No advice. No growth. No manning up.

                        Didn't know what that was all about. Don't really want to now. I'll steer clear.

                        Didn't know about the 3 strikes.

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                        Rinse. Repeat. No debate. No advice. No growth. No manning up.

                        Yep. I feel bad for the older folks there, but for teenagers and shit trying to figure it all out still, maybe it's a good therapy group for them. I donno.

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                        Maybe maybe not. I feel bad for anyone who got an unfair deal. Stuck in a wheelchair. An ugly girl. Blind. You name it. Incels too. IMO the younger ones haven't lived enough to give up and resign to a lame echochamber like that where they won't get better without motivating helpful advice. Sprialling down leads to psycho killer mentality. It's not therapy if it's not helping.

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                          Very insightful. I guess cults, or tribalism, is inherently human nature.

                          If more people could actually attend Burning Man, I think they'd find it, like most folks who actually see for themselves, an anti-cult cult. Everyone is welcome, everyone gets a "backstage pass", and you make of it what you want to make of it, rather than be told what to think. The uncult. Plus it's a huge art festival.

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                            As much as tribalism?

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                            Yes, fair. Lets call it a safe space rather than therapy.

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                            True enough. Every cult/tribe need their safe space.

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                              Yes there is some of that, but there's a lot that's not that. If you see threats of violence report them to us and we'll act.

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                              Y'all underestimate libraries.

                              This is a very good place where the otherwise hidden smart women hang around.

                              You know these women that usually don't want to participate in all this facebash- and instawhore-circlejerking. Some of them even value their mind over their "beauty" and that is where it can get really interesting. Because you can actually chat with them about some things that even i consider non-trivial. I'm writing about these kind of dialogues that both sides can value just for their content.

                              Also there are hackerspaces. But getting the usually one lonely girl (assuming a small hackerspace) there that already omitted all the other geeks for you alone is quite a complicated magic trick to pull off. Trust me. :-P

                              Dancing courses i used in my promiscuous times mostly for hookups and ONS.

                              Like fraternity or sorority parties they are made for this for certain types of humans.

                              On some universities they are even free with your id-card as a so called "sport". :)

                              I almost never saw a dancing course with a lack of women but almost all of them have a lack of men. So if you are a man and don't use your head only for haircuts you know now where to go.

                              If (and that is a big one) you want / can handle a women that can match or even overpower your so called "intellect" or "education".

                              Or a women that in fact values the inner self more than the outer appearance to put it in other words.