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That's another good point. To a degree. Gay frogs is old news, and I'm old news, but I don't act gay, even though I've been bi-curious in the past.

Part of that bi-curious thing was being young and full of testosterone, being horny all the time, and settling for anything that brushed against my groin, even if repulsive. And in a time before gay acceptance it was worse - with self loathing etc. Getting girls back then wasn't much easier. Especially with ridiculous high standards and expectations. But I got way more than average, but it was never close to enough. I would have done better to have not moved around from city to city so often and found a good girl to settle down with - and get it on the regular (not that it's all there is). Eventually with maturity, I learned that I needed to be fair to myself and to them and not do anyone I really really wanted. No more gnarly girls or dudes. I got fewer but much better action, and the relationships lasted longer.

Now with the gay acceptance culture I have fewer issues admitting I dabbled, so that's good. As far as "acting gay", I'd bet you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who knows me who could say that - and as for people who don't know me, one look and you'd likely think straight lumberjack-hippie-santa-ZZTop.

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    Ya. I just turned 49. It's weird to even think about it, much less say it or type it. I lost a decade in the fog of Big Pharma poisons. I can't even believe I'm 40. I used to be all that an a bag of chips - then it all fogged up. Now I'm 80-90% back, but now I'm old, thick, bearded, and trying to build up independently and solo from nothing in a long recession and more oppressive state. But instead of whining about my dillema I revel in my freedom. Personal responsibility has it's pros and cons, but it sure is easier without burdens.

    I knew a woman who had to get testosterone shots for some medical reason - for one week only. She finally understood men and sympathetically realized the insanity of perpetually being horny as fuck wanting to screw everything in sight. Having once been there, I know the primal drive first hand - being a young male is a form of insanity. It really is. I still have it, but not as bad, and now with wisdom. I'm relieved it's almost over.

    I just wish I had more energy. They should make cocaine legal for old people. Might help kill a few off too.

    That's a neat ascii trick.