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So, you were statutorily raped by an older man at 15?

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Obviously you were raped by ignorance a lot earlier than that. Sad you turned out to be such a miserable little pecker.

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Maybe, but only if you drop the T. The T is absolutely NOT a superpower, quite the opposite in fact, it's a miserable crippling disease.

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I don't agree even though I don't totally understand the "T" thing myself. I've known a couple of trans people and they're very good and well-educated human beings. I don't know why it has to be anything other than we're all just humans trying to get along.

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Maybe they're good and well-educated, but are they HAPPY? You can never be happy with this disease. How do I know? Because I have it.

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If you have AIDS then you must see my point. Did you get AIDS because you're dumb and didn't ever want to be gay? No. And you may be straight for all I know, since AIDS can happen to gay, straight, bisexual, or anyone. Maybe i'm just lucky, but I never had to deal with it in any form. And I've been gay for decades. My point here is that, being Gay does NOT automatically equal trafficking in AIDS or any other STD. Anymore than being straight. I hope you are able to find some good in the struggles you are facing.