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The medical expert on YT channel peak prosperity had a good report about it.
Evidence Covid-19 may not be natural
Covid-19 A result of Lab manipulation?

Was posted in /s/coronavirus almost a year ago.

There are several key-points:
1. The labs do gain-of-function research, and they already made variants of the SARS. You can see them in peer-review literature. Some were made with the help of experts who published articles to claim that the virus was natural. These articles have been debunked and could an attempt to cover-up.
2. The RNA sequence of Sars-Cov2 is a combination of at least 2 other viruses, which is easy in the lab, but never happens in nature (that we know of).
3. There is a RxxR cleavage site inserted in the virus. It increases the virality a 100x. Inserting a sequence is easy in the lab, but never happens naturally (that we know of).
4. Unlike natural viruses from animals, Sars-Cov2 was already fully adapted to the human. So it could not have easily come from an animal (It needs to mutate and spread simultaneously). In labs scientists use cancer cells to grow viruses.
5. The viruses mutate continuously over time, where one code is exchanged by another. And based on the RNA mutations we can see that they all started from the original. It is like following a smoke trail. And the original code in Wuhan is exactly like those of some viruses in the lab. Like SARS1 and AIDS. In labs scientists cut and paste parts of viruses together all the time. (Gain of function research).

This all indicates a lab origin AND that scientists want to cover it up.

This is based on the data that is released. And it may be wrong, because the scientists have not fully isolated the virus that causes Covid-19 yet (as far I know). What we have seems based on RNA chains that were extracted from patients, linked together via a computer algorithm.

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imagine if that turns out to be USSA directed lab, what a heart break.