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I am on Gab and honestly prefer it to twitter even though I went back once Elon owned it but I just hate it.

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And, to be honest, I've gotten some breaking and/or obscure news through Gab before anyone else even touches it.

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Twitter is anti-censorship.. but, you can't bully people, cuz they can block you..

Pre-musk owning Twitter, the tranny Mafia could ban anyone, but now they can't.

The tranny revolution just died.

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Gab's not 100% perfect, but it's all right. I just can't seem to maintain momentum with using it.

Certain parts of Fedi are absolute fire, though.

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i wanted to like gab

but i cannot find a way to browse content that feels natural

you get a prepresented list of shit, and no good way to sort or order or look at it

now i hear almost nothing from them, maybe i'll check em out again

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Nah Gab goes on banning sprees just like reddit

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Gab is ok but I like MeWe better

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Gab, is shit. The platform, is shit. Its support is shit. I sent a support email about issues with stuff not working. Their support team is made up stale meatloaf. The support email reply came from a GMAIL email address.

It's fake, it's cheap, every thing I have seen on it points to honeypot. Maybe not for government, but at least for marketing purposes.