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I try to avoid directly supporting liberal fascist orgs like gofundme

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When I gave, I changed the slider for GoFundMe's tip from their default 15% to 0, and part of my decision was they censored my speech when I wrote comments of support to other people on the website. If I remember right, it was something I said about the so-called COVID vaccines. I do not want to support an organization that censors their users. Any way, you can donate to those in need without funding the GoFundMe organization.

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No, I've done a few kickstarters for films, though, because I want to support people starting out.

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I've supported people in need with GoFundMe, and donated to causes like businesses resisting lockdowns and other government tyranny.

What's your book about, can you provide a sample chapter? Hard to evaluate not knowing anything about it.

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Spiffy idea here are initial 2 (max word count allowed here) chapters of "A hard man is needed" =

Three Chapters of “A hard man is needed”

”A hard man is needed”.

Chapter 1; A Forest Camo Day

Bill McDonald not a good or bad looking man and lovers had told him “You look pretty rough, but I like that” and one might suppose that to be a motto of his life. Not too tall standing just 6’ and not too big just 220 pounds and yet he constantly had to hide his face and death-stare that would frighten demons. Bill knew that and also knew that when ignored he was mostly safe. To be recognized and remembered would be a bad thing so he had to remind himself constantly “do not stand out in memory to anyone”. “Wild Bill Mac” his friends called him, and he had been told since early that his name actually that of a very famous Texas Ranger and he liked that.

Bill for most of his life was a builder of commercial buildings and that started early teen years and as he grew into 20’s and 30’s that led him to advances of working on major commercial builds all over the planet. Off to insane muzzy’s of Dubai UAE, the mega-structures of Macau, off to both New Zealand and Australia and a few spots scattered to Europe. Bill became quite adept to bringing an American flair to these major jobs that was certainly not often welcome in fact quite despised. Americans often hate Americans and foreign folks tend to hate Americans even more.

Married just once to a particular sort of psychotic beauty queen and that marriage ended with the economic crash of 2007 (no-mo money no-mo honey) but he did get 4 kids out of it, yet his cynicism of marriage and their accoutrement wedding vows a deep scar he would carry the rest of his life. Women were to be used for happy sex and for him that was about it. Never again would he trust a female to say what she meant and then mean what she says. The lies of wedding vows had become a cursed anathema to him and a subject not to be thought of nor spoken.

This morning a soft calm morning of the Pacific NW just outside Seattle actually on the “other side of the pond” called Issaquah where a major “wave the flag” event of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) was to be underway shortly and Bill thought it awful foolish how the CCP had generated lots of attention to that. Even told the route the parade would take place of! He smiled at that. Made his job of the day easier. Bill was ensconced to a large patch of forest right adjacent to the Interstate 90 where the parade caravan was to be, his spot dug in now all he had to was wait for his chance to pop a General of the hated CCP. This General Li Wang Zhang was well-known to travel in an open-top troop carrier so he could smile and wave at his throngs of American adulating idiots.

Bill was dressed in Ghillie Suit he made himself head to toe and that modeled after the Special Forces of the US Navy Seals he simply studied on websites and today was Forest Camo Day. Very dark green and blue cloth sanded down by hand to remove possible reflections with hundreds of twigs and leaves even pinecones adhered with a bit of string once he meshed into the forest fauna and floor he simply vanished. The only bit of his rig he worried over was the bottom of his boots but that could not be helped other than to muddy them up. His flak helmet actually covered completely with black steel mesh down to his neck and shoulders for both good vision and a visage of terror in case he had to meet someone. Would give him about a 1 single second edge of those he chanced across and that one second was all that would be needed.

Bill while dug into his long-trench hidey-hole comfortably took a stiff drink from his Thermos canteen actually full of a very nice Chardonnay as he had learned many years ago that particular wine calmed down the shaking in his fingers and hands the Doctors had described as early onset Cerebral Palsy. Not easy to be a Sniper with shaky hands he grimly smiled to himself.

Although never a military man Bill had studied for decades of military and means/methods and used many of them to his commercial building projects. His weapons of choice that day of sniper duty was a Accuracy International – AXMC 338 LM Rifle chambered in .308 Bill had traded an excellent stolen Humvee for. Several thousand rounds ammo included and Bill thought that was a fair trade. The practice he commenced on gained him accuracy to dead-center round hit to an object size of a bowling-ball out to about 2,000 yards. Every time. Bill had found in a small town an abandoned bowling alley and thought no one would mind him taking a few bowling balls for a bit of practice.

Chapter 2; Meeting new friends MASTER SEGEANTS Ray and Enfield

Bill checked his watch now 11:50 am and news reports said the CCP General Zhang was to show to parking lot of mostly abandoned shopping mall of Bellevue Bell-Square at 12:30 so route should have them in his sites in a couple of clicks. Bill started his regime of slow steady breathing to calm down and focus like a laser beam on his opportunity window of the freeway below him about 500’ down and about 1,000-foot distance. Easy target he thought. Bill did not know how many CCP would be in that Lead Car and thought he could likely get one off at the General then maybe 1-2 more shots of opportunity if the driver did not swerve and go insane or crash. Heart rate slowing to 60 BPM and breathing calm and steady. Bill was forcing his own body to statue-still all senses on over-drive to redline and he heard something strange. Bird noises changed. Instead of constant chirp-chirp instead the bird songs became one of warning. Something was coming but Bill could not move 1mm he was already in place with only a few moments to go for his shot. So he forced himself to become a black hole in the ground and wait. Boots coming but no talk. Human boots treading softly but no talk. He heard or rather felt 4 boots. So, two humans but of what kind? This forest was not a hunting forest nor was any tourist or hiking trails this was deep dark dense forest only suited to animals and snipers. Boots getting close so Bill stopped breathing. Literally stopped. A boot came by his face about 12 inches away and Bill saw the boot was Army issue. And the foot inside the boot walked hell-back toe soft so Bill knew this is a soldier. Soldiers walk like that and some hunters. Another human walked behind his hidey hole, and both went in front of him about 20 foot and settled in. Dug into a spiral as they lay down and that is sniper shit Bill thought. From his right eye only, that was his only body part moving he saw 2 men stout and strong, youngsters maybe in their 30’s, camo like his but not the same. Both had long guns and one made hand signals to the other that Bill could not read but the other soldier nodded and proceeded to set up his long gun. The first soldier set up what looked like a single barrel small spotters’ scope and Bill from his left eye noted General Zhang motorcade coming down the I-90. About 2 miles out. Arrival to his target window is less than 60 seconds. Looked to be doing about 45 MPH or so. Lead vehicle with a very great many support vehicles right behind. Command Vehicle just as Bill thought was pop-top all rubber tire troop carrier. Bill had to make a decision and that right quick.