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Similarly (on the topic of what these "-ism" words mean) here's what anarchism should mean:

  • Anarchism is not a system of giant corporations ruling society.

    eg big corporations like ABC, NBC, Ford, etc are constructs of government.

  • In anarchism the property systems of genocide & killing (eg killing the native americans so the 1% can own almost all the land) are not legitimate. Similarly, the basis of modern property in Europe is the mass killings where the very wealthy took the land from the public, this is not legitimate. It is an illegitimate distribution of land, where the few can profit essentially just from owning land.

    Instead (in anarchism) land is distributed in an egalitarian way, and thus there is no landless class forced to work for the land owning class. Workers would start their own businesses/co-ops on the land they personally use.

  • Anarchism is about ending violence that oppresses/exploits so we achieve a society where everyone is treated equally. But that does not mean "everyone has the same amount of stuff". There won't be totally equal social connections, work, or reward. There will be minor injustices/defects due to the randomness of birth and how society functions.

    However, without violent systems of oppression/exploitation, things will be massively more egalitarian than under the government of the billionaires & industrialists. Especially in terms of ownership of big properties like land & the means of production.

    (eg under anarchism everyone would own land, & thus almost every worker would own their means of production.)

  • Anarchism is not a system where the poor have no voice and the wealthy choose who is in power. No one should "be in power."