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I can take a selfie with one of my tinfoil hats no problemo.

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That would be great! ...assuming you are willing to compromise your anon status via face-recognition.

First, wait to see what kind of results we get, if anyone is even interested. Then you can emulate the framing style. If we can get this out earlier in August other people around the world might be keen to do their own portraits or videos to share.

Our de facto leader, Currie, has now expressed doubt in my idea, despite me sharing it at her house weeks ago. I'm hoping she'll realized my goal is not to hijack the Windsor lockdown resistance rallies at all, but rather just be a little thing to the side making it convenient for folks (in our group or not) to participate if they choose.

I may also assemble a frame for the red velvet curtains and carry it to the beautiful park across the street for a week or so in hopes of inviting people to pose for the project. I can shoot with and/or without the frame and utilize whatever works best for the video's end result. Bonus: I'll share all the images and video clips on our new wiki for people to view and download. Free portraits.