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Have you thought about crowdfunding for your endeavours? I don't have much money but I'd definitely pitch in something when(or before) you have your platform up and running. Sucks about NF. The one near me has messages from the BC civil liberties association posted in the store about exemptions from masks for medical reasons and that proof cannot be requested. I just keep mine under my nose. Sadly, I won't go in maskless since it's the cheapest grocery store in my neighbourhood and I don't want a confrontation that would have me carried away(verbally) and potentially banned from the store. It's a huge shit sandwich we're being handed and we're forced to eat it.

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It's a huge shit sandwich we're being handed and we're forced to eat it.

It's too much for even condiments to mitigate.

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Lol! Some mustard might kick it up a notch.

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With a cherry on top.

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I've definitely thought about it. After 9/11 it will be among my top priorities. I've been busy/distracted with other things, don't have a phone, and need a phone for online banking - to set up all the funding/support/webstore things.

Also, I really wanted to have some examples of my products (videos, websites, T-shirts, etc) for folks to get behind. That makes it a fuck tonne harder for us starting from nothing, but there's also no pressure to deliver or disappoint. I'm just the Cassandra Team motivator, but we keep finding technical hurdles and limitations, we can't develop our own code, so some things we're just kind of waiting to see what happens. It should be better if we lay it all out on a Road Map in Projex.

It's a huge shit sandwich we're being handed and we're forced to eat it.

I'm not even entertaining a look much less a sniff. They haven't stopped me yet.

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Sorry you had to deal with all that. Around here in the US, even when we had a mask mandate the worst that most stores would do is ask if I wanted a mask and I'd just say no thanks and keep shopping. If they were persistent which was rare I'd just say I don't wear one for health reasons. I'd get some dirty looks and loudly whispered comments from obedient shoppers but that was about it.

I think organizing with your neighbors to support businesses that don't force masks is the best option. It's a win for you and you're supporting places that aren't going along with the tyranny. In Moscow they implemented a vaccine mandate for dining in at restaurants, but they ditched it a month later when nobody was eating there. Vote with your money and take your business elsewhere.

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Appreciate the sentiments.

Vote with your money and take your business elsewhere.

This is much easier with a mode of transportation.

A few months back there was a viral video of Windsor police kneeling on a girls head enough to make the back of her ear bleed because she wouldn't wear a mask on the bus with a legit health reason. I keep hearing about it but haven't seen it yet or I'd have linked it on SaidIt.

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How many food banks are there in Windsor?


This is for you. See which or how many do home deliveries.

As for buying online vs SGS Compuwave, what about asking if they'll do a heavy discount for people on a tiny income? Depends on their markup and business philosophy, but they may have room to cut deals for business they'd otherwise not get. Sufficient volume can sometimes lower their overall product costs.

Here, the mask cult is everywhere, with up to 98% of all people outside wearing the mask this past winter. Everyone would flip if they saw someone trying to enter building without one. Fines were $100 to $1000, depending on circumstances, and technically up to 6 months in state prison for disregarding the tyranny.

Instacart is another option, which I used. They wear the mask for you, and shop at a variety of stores. The downside is you pay a fair amount extra, have a standard menu to choose from that excludes special offers, and don't get to pick items on impulse. *Also, no credit for store discounts on your overall purchases.

Check into the food bank and/or senior services groups. Some church groups also do food supplies. There's a Salvation Army base near me that has some kind of food program, but I don't know if they deliver without sitting through one of their services.

Another option is straight delivery of non-perishables from Costco, and perhaps walmart? Maybe other stores too? You'd still need to get your dairy and frozen products another way, but that could help.

One last edit: If you're old af like me, my town has a program where they literally deliver prepared meals to your house on a daily basis. I think you're too much of a young kid 😁 for that, but check to see if Windsor has some way to help you get food to your house.

Also, check with your gas and electricity supplier to see if you qualify for a lower rate. And on that topic, Obama Fones are still a thing here, and now there's some kind of covid fund that pays for broadband internet connections. Dang, if I lived in some mexican shithole, I'd be trying to sneak in here too.

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[15] food banks [...] in Windsor [...] See which or how many do home deliveries.

Great idea!!! I've known they exist, but in my 10 years here, mostly in a fog, I'd never used them, forgot about them, and had no idea there were 15. Considering the hysteria and new normal delivery-economy, plus previous disabled/elderly services, I'm guessing they would do home deliveries. Even if they don't provide gourmet sustenance I'm quite certain it will help supplement my usual limited menu - plus I can save the extra non-perishable for dire times and/or neighbours in need.

I don't have much, but I share a large empty half-empty basement that could become a minor neighbourhood pantry if we all organized and collaborated on it, with or without the food banks.

My local Compuwave is far too small for discounts, but I can try. I'm the only kind of guy there that needs large hard drives. I'm hoping my digital hoarding will finally pay off if my /s/LeverMind videos find support so that I can also build a home for my decentralized PeerTube instance, Volun.Tube, coming sooner or later.

Walmart delivers for $10 through a 3rd party plus I always put $10 in the driver's fist. I'm thinking of walking the 5.6 km there after 9/11 to get a few things on a cool day. From that I can determine whether I can do it more often. I could lose some weight and I already walk 5.1km every Saturday to our weekly Freedom Rallies. I turn 51 on 9/13. I'm not as old as I used to be.

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When I was 51, I was still reading LOTR to my son at bedtime. Now he's a navy pilot. Keep up the walking and health stuff, and you too can be this old some day.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go check my lawn for trespassers.

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Ye old Node on the evolutionary tree.

I'm too immature to be parental and would likely have had a kid as resentful as I am or more so.