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Thank you Gravi!!!

Here is some more from yesterday, Windsor time:

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17:42 JasonCarswell Scott Pope - 1utmtm99a43a5ft353orhe · - Attention ladies and gentlemen of the trades: Freedom Convoy needs our support! Saturday February 19th Parliment Hill - Ottawa 12:00 PM Bring: Hard hat(s), HI Vis Company/Union gear.

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18:05 JasonCarswell Don't trust any fundraisers until they are vetted first.

18:05 JasonCarswell I do know they are decentralizing - but it may be difficult on many levels.

18:05 JasonCarswell It might be helpful to cultivate information on Projex.Wiki for Ottawa (and Windsor and beyond).

18:05 JasonCarswell Before it gets too big we should study the wiki's security.

18:05 JasonCarswell AFTER this weekend. Too much going on until then.

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18:05 JasonCarswell They jacked my shit in this video I haven't seen yet:

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18:05 JasonCarswell Also worth a read:

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18:12 JasonCarswell "'borrowed grocery cart' hahhaa"

18:12 JasonCarswell They made us walk exactly 1.0km from the corner of Tecumseh up Huron Church Road to College.

18:15 JasonCarswell " lets send him burritos "

18:15 JasonCarswell Funny, on Saturday people were chanting this and that and I was saying

18:15 JasonCarswell I want my freedom! But I'd settle for a burrito freedom supreme!

18:15 JasonCarswell And then an hour later some truckers set up some pork tacos. Fucking awesome too!

18:20 JasonCarswell " are the bridges still blocked? "

18:20 JasonCarswell No. I don't know the details other than the cops have blockaded for blocks to secure the area.

18:20 JasonCarswell But it's far from over.

18:20 JasonCarswell And the trades are stepping in, as I said last week. Carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, etc etc etc.

18:20 JasonCarswell Hard Hats on the Hill

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19:00 JasonCarswell See you on the flipside


20:31 @JasonCarswell Maybe you guys can help find local Windsor voices that need to be heard at the rally. Obviously you'd think I might know connections, but I don't. Specifically I'm looking for someone to speak on the Emergency Act, economic alternatives, the trades stepping in with the farmers and truckers, future strategies, resistance analysis, etc. We've done lockdowns, vaccines, side effects, mandates, passports, etc to death. With some good folks to contact I can reach out to them, but I don't have much time for original researching.

20:31 @JasonCarswell Also, DJ Slice may be able to make a proper recording of the rally. So that's good.

21:02 @JasonCarswell Live from Ottawa to discuss Trudeau’s enactment of the Emergency Act - Recorded live - Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

21:02 @JasonCarswell Trudeau is displaying ‘petty’ behavior: Nile Gardiner (7:20) ~ Fox Business, Feb 15, 2022

21:02 @JasonCarswell Freedom Time (Live) (4:59) ~ Ms. Lauryn Hill

21:02 @JasonCarswell WOMAN ABSOLUTELY EMBARRASSES justin trudeau

21:02 @JasonCarswell

21:02 @JasonCarswell Trudeau is treating trucker protesters like terrorists: Turley ~ Fox News

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21:07 @JasonCarswell Windsor ON Ambassador Bridge Protest - Freedom Convoy (6:13) ~ ThinkFreeBySam, Feb 13, 2022

21:07 @JasonCarswell That features our Shelly Bean. She dropped off the 50 bundles of Druthers at my place a few months ago. 50x100 Druthers.

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21:16 @JasonCarswell


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06:21 @JasonCarswell RCMP and Ontario Provincial Police set to take over law enforcement of protests in Ottawa

06:21 @JasonCarswell Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said that the government is setting up an integrated command centre for the RCMP and the OPP to share and assume command and control over the ongoing protests.

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06:23 @JasonCarswell FDA Exec on Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy "Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible" (6:32) ~ Project Veritas, Feb 15, 2022

06:24 @JasonCarswell conspiracybot@conspiracyb0t Pay attention - not a single western leader has spoken out against Trudeau

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06:33 @JasonCarswell Jimmy Dore drops the bomb (too late)

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