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YT pulled it

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Yep. I already got texts about it. And I had questions in chat (copied below).

Have a YT downloader on LibreWolf. From 22.7gb down to 190mb!!! At 2h33m I'm guessing it's not 1080p.

Was hoping to get the YouTube auto-transcript to tweak.

Also met with these guys who also recorded it and set up the event: The Fringe Minority podcast

Nice! Just discovered PeerTube's playlists!!!!!!!!!!


15:46:17 JasonCarswell being-poisoned, I have a 22.7gb original video from yesterday that was too big for the PeerTube limits and the video got censored from YouTube. I can torrent the original should anyone want it raw. But I think it will certainly get more eyes online. I can pre-process it before uploading it. The audio sounds as bad as it did yesterday, and the video is not great either so I can down-rez it if need be. Any suggestions or codec recommendations for PeerTube?

16:44:16 JasonCarswell Fauci

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PT will transcode it no matter what I believe

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I was wondering whether x265 would be acceptable over default x264, but I just scraped it from YouTube. The hard part was scraping it as Vivaldi is cucked by Chrome Store, and I'm cucked by Mint, but LibreWolf is free to download from YouTube.

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Do No Harm, Fighting To Restore Truth In Medicine, Windsor, Ontario, 2023-01-29 (2h32m58s)

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