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yur truck stole my childhood!!

jk ;D

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Always remember this maxim: whenever elites talk about making sacrifices, they are never talking about themselves.

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whenever elites talk about making sacrifices, they are never talking about themselves.

They preach about gun control from behind their detail of armed guards, they preach about 'diversity' from the security of their gated communities, they preach about 'climate change' from their private jets they flew to Davos to preach about climate change.

Rules for thee but not for me....

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when will the mossad train cells of saudi arabians to fly passenger planes into the united nations?!..

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Close, but Mossad didn't need to train the hijackers because the hijacker narrative is a psyop. All they were required to do is manufacture the fictional narrative with help from Saudi nationals w/ connections to Mossad, Shin Bet, Easterm German intelligence and Swiss and Austrian intelligence -- yes, these Saudi's had a lot of relatives in various inteliggence agencies. The goal in Hollywood, Florida of all places was to give the Zionist controlled media a show. Something to write about, they even tried to create the needed but failed narrative that they also had amthrax, which nearly outed the real perpetrators.

The planes were reinforced passenger jet drones. Percosely what is written in Operation Northwoods documents. In which they would fake thr deaths of a few hundreds, pay them off millions, which they did and get carefully created aliases, which they did. Vicsims and mock funerals were part of the 1960's plan Cuba PSYOP and they were surely and obviously part of the 9/11 psyop.

People died in thr towers of course. But nobody was on the planes. Their transpinders were either switched in midair, which is likely in the case of the Pentagon flight and North tower flight. Other planes are more complicated but likely were given a different tail number or landed in undisclosed military base, exactly what was written in Operation Northwoods.

The perpatrators are not STUPID ENOUGH to trust some Saydi nationals who could not even fly single cesna engines. The flying school was just to create thr narrative and weve hearsay and fiction inbetween. They didn't fly in a 360 degree corkscrew turn coming directly parrallel to the ground at speeneds well over VMO to hit the areasof the pentagon and North and South towers that recently had construction work and fireproofing in that area as well as SEC investigations into money laundering, asset fraud, etc.

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Never gonna happen. Massive strikes and work slowdowns would bring the US to a halt.

'Carbon credits' are the biggest scam in human history.

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Climate change is nothing more than a tax scam.

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for the most part, agreed.