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I don't agree a 100%, but quite a bit. Here's what I've seen since the beginning of 'Trump' in the debates. The 1st time I saw him in a debate, I thought my god, here's the president; selected by the cabal. He was too genuine, he was 'the diehard conservative'(yet was liberal leaning just a few years before.) In the debates, he ran on policies that former presidents only dreamed of doing during their presidencies; like increased surveillance of the American People; yet he was so on cue, 'charismatic'; 'The 21st century Kennedy Clan'.

I've noted since elections, we've been hardcore pushed back into a left, right paradigm; one in which the elite are forcing all of us to tow the line of compliance into psycho libtard hell, or absolute support for the establishment status quo; military, and police are always good....

The Elite, The Cabal are creating the Chaos always necessary for complete societal change, takeover, and rebirth at some point into who knows what.

By default, most of us are thrown into "Camp Trump", due to the scary crazy alternatives. Strange times, strange times; I guess keep watching the Simpson's for future predictions...LMAO

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The entire U.S. electoral process is a distraction.

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Very true. I keep hearing all this block chain stuff; with our tech where it's at, why not completely decentralize government, get rid of the douche bags, and let the people vote on all?!

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Man is that ever the truth.