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So I'm either emigrating to Poland or the Netherlands? Hm...

Seriously though, I tried that mask BS and wtihin 2 minutes I had a headache and a truly massive, pounding one after 5 minutes.

And Health Canada goes: just take painkillers for your headaches, your brain doesn't need oxygen.

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I donno about Canada, but in the US, they must still comply with ADA guidelines; I've been going everywhere, and only have to state, "I've got a medical condition exemption'. As far as I'm concerned the condition of my overall health, and wellbeing counts; in the US they cannot ask beyond that due to HIPAA; I'm sure Canada has similar.

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Well here's how it goes: First, it's not a national law, it's a provincial one (a province is very much like a state, really). And the province does not regulate that people must wear masks, because that would be against the Charter of Rights and Liberties. So instead, they force the CORPORATIONS, which have no rights or liberties, to require people (their customers) to wear masks.

As such, it's a private entity (the corporation) that has a "private" rule on access to the premises. But they are liable for large sums if they don't enforce the rule, and they can call the cops on anybody not wearing a mask as a form of public endangerment. And of course those fucking thugs can feel like they need to beat you up if you hesitate to comply.

The ONLY recognized reasons to not wear a mask in my province are: 1, if your face is so deformed that a mask won't fit. 2, if you are severely mentally handicapped and can't understand the reason why you are forced to wear a mask and you take it off. THAT'S IT.

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That's fucked, it literally means you have no choice; as in self-determination, as in freedom. Sorry to hear that.

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In my personal case, truly, that's what it means. And the fucking sheeple man, they're all going along with it, "this is great! Finally we can be protected!" /facepalm.

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Sorry to hear this.