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When the 23rd comes and goes in 2 days so will this post. At least it's good entertainment but you guys could be using your energy for so much better things.

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More good entertainment came today. Merry Dump Day. Wikileaks became a flood. See edit to OP.

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Keep hoping my friend. But please after this is over and nothing has changed consider investing your hard earned attention and energy on something that really matters and stop playing the game.

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It's just sad to see my brothers caught in this silly game. No stress and people can definitely have their own thing, no argument here, but I do try and help those see above the two party savior complex paradigm when I can.

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Hey bro where we at man? Dec 24th nothing changed and now this post will die. Always with these predicted dates it's the same stuff. I'll be waiting for you next post tho bro, hurry up and find a new date! Lolololo.

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(to astronautrob) It's looking now like the 23rd is this month, Jan.2021. Just viewed a video by redpill78 there may be a "biblical" return of Trump 3 days after Biden's inauguration Jan.20, which triggered the military taking control of Biden's "belligerent" civilian government. Military Code 11.3 specifies what to do, and they are doing it, "by the book". SCARE EVENT, IT HAD TO BE DONE BY THE BOOK… embed video 33 min by redpill78 (Zach Paine) many good points (reading reports) note error 9:49 misidentifies hexagons on Melania's dress for octagon military symbol LoL

military code 11.3 Biden sworn-in a necessary action to create the "belligerent" civilian gov't, military is now in power!

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Are we going to go to the 23rd of Feb now?

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No, I give up. You were right about the gossip. But I'm still bullish on Trump's eventual success, and Biden will be out before May. See newest post.

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Lol classic.

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Tweets with the same text were circulated in April, June, November and now December.

Additionally, there has been no confirmation from Wikileaks recently that they have dumped any files online.