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Lol as imagined by a baby boomer.

In reality, the interviewer is 30 minutes late, unprepared, and discards you based on the fact he has 200 other applicants and one of them went to his Alma Mater. Yet never has the dignity to send you a formal rejection letter. The current job hiring market is a joke, and blaming it on young people is ridiculous tbh.

Most baby boomers got hired without a related college education and got to keep the same job for 40 years. Luxuries younger people can't even imagine in today's hiring world. This is basically blaming the victim as far as I see it. Baby boomers stroking their ego about how great they are, when they were the ones who created this world that we're all currently suffering from!

That said, this generational warfare nonsense (which the original post helps reinforce) is just another divide and conquer tactic, when the real battle is the norms of corporate culture vs a populace that is tired of being exploited from birth for little personal gain.

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You know, I've actually written, and deleted this reply a few times; not sure what matters, or will make an impact; don't know that I care as bad as that sounds(which makes me feel worse, yet not, perhaps just growth).

Let me convey what I think is the most appropriate. I think that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who has the desire, and can build the self determination for the skills necessary, can do anything; there's no barrier that can stop a truly determined being; discipline is key.

I'm a stoic, so I'm constantly re-evaluating, and reflecting my choices in the past, as well as the future. If I walk into something unprepared, I know that I fail from the onset, short of good luck shining on me. Whether for business, or pleasure, I realize, I'm the one doing the experiencing, in realizing this, I can absolutely augment aspects of any situation I go into ahead of time; learning to control the given situation through preparation!

In regards to blaming; at the end of every day, we only see ourselves in the mirror. I'm not being condescending, it's the truth. We can blame the boomers; hoo'ra! But they blamed the "Greatest Generation"; uh! Imagine what will be blaming the millennials! No matter what, at the end of the day, I'm still stuck dealing with me! lol

So, I really think and I mean this only for advice towards those looking for work, a job, or guide to live by: give it, or anything your all, learn to use your critical thinking skills, realize the only one to blame for failure is you yourself, and you then learn to take those 'stumbling' blocks, and turn them into building blocks to build steps to use. With this attitude, there are no failures; only stepping stones. You may not succeed at the first stop, but you'll learn to never fail again...... it's a million dollar secret.

Now for the not so good, workers today are different. It's not just the young, it's the older workers; pick a profession. I will say though, younger folks are at 2 distinct disadvantages that are crushing the generation. They're no longer taught personal responsibility; any problem goes straight to Human Resources. No executive wants to deal with a child tattling through approved channels.

The second huge issue threatening younger folks is our educational system is geared towards money making; forget knowledge..... From the start of their indoctrination... I mean 'education', till the end, they're continually sold a bill of goods soliciting on an ever increasing basis 2 things: time, and money; over professional skills, and conduct. So graduating due to the push of 'higher education'(a sad joke), but people are finishing their degrees, to realize they never learned a thing.

I would say anyone who's attended school for the most part post mid 90's, has been losing out.

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I definitely agree with you on the education bit. Education these days is far more about rote memorization than wisdom. But maybe that's all it ever was.

The problem for the younger generation is when those "stumbling blocks" you mention become such onerous disasters that they crush the people and sweep them under if a misstep is made. That's what leads to the parlaying fear that causes the appearance of meekness that millennials are often chastised for. And simultaneously all their schooling and upbringing has taught them to solve problems through approved channels rather than trying to solve it themselves. So they've been highly incentivized that way more than any other generation.

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And simultaneously all their schooling and upbringing has taught them to solve problems through approved channels rather than trying to solve it themselves. So they've been highly incentivized that way more than any other generation.

So, let me share an anecdote, as well as ask how you think it should be handled. Recently, I was out of town visiting family. I attended a younger child's peewee league game while there. It was very interesting to me, as only 2 out of the 20+ kids had actual uniforms beyond the simple team jerseys(of note, the 2 fully dressed, and prepared children were the best players; one on each team.). At the end of the game, I learned 'everyone was a winner'.

Each child from the 2 distinct teams, walked around proclaiming they won; while the parents cheered them all. it actually worked out fairly harmless, but at the same time, there were probably 4 to 6 kids that you could tell 'got the oddity' in everyone winning.

On the way home from the game, My niece, rode with my sister and I; she's in her early to mid 20's, and has a degree in 'bible', and is a paid minister at a church. She's got a cute personality, and is intelligent.

While driving, I was talking with my sister who was in the back seat; I was quizzing her about peewee little league when we were children. I never played, but did watch, and of course over the years attend such games. We both agreed that when we were younger, so from the late 60' till the mid 90's, peewee used to, at least in our area, have real team winners. There was no false pretense that 'everyone wins', but instead the long road to life lessons; where by you must learn to proverbially 'pick yourself up by your bootstraps, and keep going when life throws obstacles in your way'.

We also conversed about the 2 boys that were dressed properly. Trying to comprehend why all the children weren't dressed to their fullest, I asked about 'economic disparity'.... My sister, "Nope, all come from middle class working families; they just don't have the gusto". I knew she was correct, as my great nephew, hated wearing his full gear(1 of the 2), and due to this, it makes sense as to why the parents didn't try with theirs.

My sister, and I agreed that the kids would be further ahead in life(talking into adulthood, and from there), if they were taught the skills of presentation, and learn that there can be wins, and losses along the way.

I continued this open, but directed conversation with my sister. My niece? Holy hell, Damien came in the car I guess. She became very upset, and said that we were idiots, in simply having our opinions. She literally asked(more so statement), "Why can't everyone win, and it's hot too(in regards to uniforms)." I thought, "OMG", her reaction was really over the top, and I tried to explain our reasoning, and explain that we were noting a cultural trend, and how it was different one day, and age, to the next.

While actually trying to calm her down, I thought to myself, 'holy hell, this is ridiculous, when I'm forced to explain myself to a younger person because they butted into our conversation to tell us we were both stupid, mean, and idiotic. The irony from so many angles was over the top. Her very visual dismay, contrasted my calm retort trying to defuse a situation I didn't realize was caused.

At some point, she blurted out, 'I'm an adult!'. At which point again, I was like, "OMFG, ARG, Damn", as I was truly caught off guard by such a comment; where did it even come from? I mean in fact, she's a grown woman, has a job that pays for her room, and board, that's an adult, but an adult that just told me they're 'an adult', because they couldn't comprehend that we literally can recall, and see a difference in how society is literally formulated, created, and why they do what they do.

To really top this off, and one that I really left alone, was the fact that her very behavior, is what I saw being fomented on the peewee league playing field that day; the day 'everyone wins!'. My sister actually told me later, that her daughter was in the generation where 'everyone won', and that's what the parenting books she read, said to do. I asked her in return, 'but you remember different, and she said, 'yes, but i thought it was wrong because the books'!

So Mag, if you've read this far, and I've even come a little close to relaying this story as the way I experienced it, how do you handle this? How do you even handle that you're having to give an explanation, that for the most part, before this current generation was never asked, or expected to be answered. I mean in all honesty, that was another angle of the irony I saw, I'm only in my early 40's, but I'd never a.) butt into another adult conversation, and I'd surely not blurt out they're idiots because I erroneously self identify with a group because everyone else tells me too, and b.) I'd never have blurted out, "I'm an adult".... My upbringing is what taught me this, no other skill; yet to mention to a younger person these things, get's you labeled as 'mean man', or other labels that don't even accurately apply. How do you tell a generation, who thinks they're the toughest by ways of establishment grooming, but by way of the 'real world', or more appropriately, "The School of Hard Knocks", have by a long way to go?

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Wow thanks for the story.

I think the best way to let them learn from the School of Hard Knocks is to let the world knock them around a bit. What I mean is that this sounds like a personality still developing in a lot of ways. But I also would never have interjected in to an adult conversation as a teen and told them they were stupid. My parents raised me where if I had done such a thing it would've put me a WHOLE LOT of trouble (like months of grounding, potential military school, etc). Anyway I'm not sure the exact ages of the people involved.

I think from your perspective you just have to pick your battles, and this baseball issue probably just isn't worth it. But I definitely understand the frustration and the larger point of the principle of the thing. The reality of it though is you can bring a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. I think just give advice where you can and move on, there's no reason casting pearls before swine. And there's also no reason to waste your emotional energy on someone's knee-jerk opinion!

I get mad about stuff like this too, but often it's not so much the thing itself, as it is what the thing says about general society and the direction we're heading. I am mad at that, sometimes.

But in a way this Earth is like a 7-billion-person Ouiji Board. The direction it moves is pretty random and out of our control, in a lot of ways.

And what would serve you and yours best in the short and long run? Would winning the discussion actually change the direction things are moving in? Is the inner peace you're giving up by ignoring the issue worth that potential gain of changing the course of humanity ever so slightly? Does the division created between yourself and your family about this issue actually help or hurt the overall peace and tranquility of your immediate community?

I don't know the answers to these in your exact situation, but I think these questions are a good place to start.

I've heard we have 20 fucks a day to give about stuff. Spend them wisely!

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… Why didn't the expando pick up on this? The extension's mp4 – was #23 never closed?

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Good question. The sub has expandos enabled, so it should be there. It also didn't generate a thumbnail. Maybe something is off about the video in some way, or it's encoded with a different metatag system or something.

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I don't think we ever implemented the extension check for mp4.

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Oh really? I could've sworn we did. Maybe we did mp4 for comment expandos but not post expandos? Since there's two different expando systems

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No; I checked and #23 isn't, at time of writing, closed.

I'd have tried to implement it, but, if my Invidious patch was anything to go by, I don't think I'm really fit to delve into the backend code at the moment. I understand not nearly enough for that.

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Ha alright, no worries