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QUOTE: "The Swedish government is looking into the possibility of banning rune letters and viking symbols such as Thor’s hammer because they risk offending people it is being reported. Rune letters and norse symbols have a long history dating back over one thousand years and is part of Swedish history and heritage. Across Sweden you can find rune stones from viking times with messages inscribed on them."

I watch US, and European news; when a white does something, if lucky to be reported, then it's privilege; yet, when a token minority in said country does similar, they're usually covered on the news more frequently(or it appears so), and always with how brilliant they are(sure appears so). Yet, outside of whitelandia, whites are the global minority, aren't they? Why all the hate, and why is whitey so snowed under with it? I find it strange to buy at face value what others say about you, embrace it, and self flagellate without knowing yourself?!