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Great post man. I think 90% of the FBI's terrorism cases are the same- they spend a year slowly coaxing someone into it. It's not crime prevention, it's creating crime and it's entrapment.

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It is, and it's happening in urban PD's too. Think about it: you work to pay taxes to pay some drone to egg you on when all you want is blow off steam after work. Insane.

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There is a joke that goes:

If you dont want to be caught, get put on the FBI watch list.

They never catch anyone on the watch list.

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I think the FBI doesn't give a fig but there is something called entrapment. While we're talking about the FBI, please be careful what groups you join because even if it's not radical, chances are there is at least one FBI guy who has infiltrated it and as soon as he gets some respect from the group he will try to radicalize them. It's in the training manuals.

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F.B.I stands for