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You should close your saidit accounts and go back to reddit.

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To do many of us a great favour.

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What's the favour - Jason? What is the problem with me at Saidit?

(It's interesting to see your note here, as I've been very supporttive of you and Dio in the past and there have been numerous conversations. It's interesting to me that you agree with Bob. I am somewhat surprised, but perhaps shouldn't be. Bob and others very much want an echo-chamber at Saidit that will not have much depth, and will continue to push corporate disinformation and misinformation while they claim that they're doing the opposite. I appreciate that you may also want to do this, but perhaps with a different kind of echo chamber. Also, /u/magnora7 knows much more about your shenanigans than I do, and I wonder what's at issue. I know something of his history and think that he has a very good eye for identifying dangerous extremism and doesn't really want to tolerate it. As with discussions with /u/TheAmeliaMay and /u/AmericanMuskrat and several others, there is often an agreement that Saidit will grow and be more interesting if it diversifies. But many here don't want that.)

So - I am interested in your opinion, Jason - why should I go?

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Like Bob3 (not to be confused with "righteous" RightousBob) you are only insightful part-time and annoying shit-disturber the other part, though more polite and a naïve supporter of the establishment, MSM, scientism, and authoritarianism - and by complicity or complacency, support all the evil shit the mafia corporatocracy does.

Recently being less contrarian doesn't erase your history. That will take time to fade out and evidence that you're evolving. Everyone evolves, and I only hope you can too.

I don't care about tribes nor echo-chambers, but they do exist and should be considered.

Shenanigans is a choice grey word. I can easily deny this or I can admit to some - all depending on how you choose to define it. Even M7 has not clearly defined what I actually did wrong in the past the many times he's threatened me.

I know more about M7's shenanigans too. I've refrained from openly compiling them for people to see or use against SaidIt. I am NOT against M7 and certainly not against SaidIt.

I am not remotely "dangerous extremism", if that's what you're implying, and I have zero evidence that DioJr was either. Stop kissing the ass of authority. Shake off your brainwashing and obedience training.

I am not against diversification in many ways you may define it. I don't know why you brought it up - or half this other shit.

You are a time suck. No more today.

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Sorry to waste your time, Jason. Don't feel obligated to respond.

In answer to your note, "I don't know why you brought it up":

/u/RightousBob said to me: "You should close your saidit accounts and go back to reddit."

I asked: "Why?"

You wrote: "To do many of us a great favour."

I asked you: "why should I go?"

I don't think you answered it, at least not directly. No need to reply.

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I answered, but since you're being obtuse, as is often the case, I'll clarify.

I answered for RightousBob, "To do many of us a great favour." I didn't say "me" but I do have one foot in that camp, too. My other foot appreciates you when you're rational and thinking freely.

Neither would be a problem if your obtuse blind faith in corporate media, "experts", and authoritarianism didn't clog up SaidIt feeds.

Naively or intentionally defending evil authoritarians drags conversations down far more often than my occasional posts about ways to improve Saidit or even my more rare M7-infuriating crass behaviour that is actually extremely mild and restrained compared to what my vivid imagination and poetic license to kill could inflict on people - without even using images. If LXXX/MoronLeft weren't so dense and even employed 1/100th of my creativity in this or other ways they just might even be amusing asstrolls. Same with you.

On the other hand you make a fine devil's advocate punching bag, thus for normie sheeple readers, you raise their questions and skepticism so that others may expose your brainwashed and fallacious ideas, again and again and again, ad nauseum.

The better SaidIt question is for you: Why do you have so much blind faith in the rigged systems of "authority" and their monopoly on violence that manipulate, deceive, dominate, oppress, exploit, and now openly harm you? (Via taxation, war on drugs, prisons, propaganda, war on terror, denial of healthcare, lockdown, masks, vaccines, food prices, food shortages, police state, etc.)

You should study /s/Voluntarism, aka anarchism, for rational, logical, reasoning to break down all your blind beliefs in authority - the ultimate goal. If you're confident in your beliefs but willing to change with better ideas then you should be able to take on the challenge. Use your own mind to determine what you believe. Ultimately voluntarism is fundamental Natural Law. I'll call myself a voluntarist or anarchist for brevity but really I'm a minarchist and support cooperatives because 100% anarchism is the goal but never achievable nor stable because people will be free to form mobs, mafias, governments, etc. Regardless how you define minarchism or which parts of government you want to minimize, smaller is always the better direction.

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Thanks for the response. As we've discussed previously, we're both pissed with the 1%, but have very different approaches to them.