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I always try to be brave, now, baby,

I always try to be strong,

But look at what they are sayin, baby,

They’re sayin our love is wrong.

But I… can’t control who I am now, baby,

I can’t control how I feel,

I can’t just be with anybody,

No, I… I need somebody who’s real!

I am a…


Couldn’t change it if I tried


I’m not gonna lie and I’m not gonna hide


There’s no guilt and there’s no shame,


I think that you feel the same

Come on baby, take my hand,

You and I will make our stand,

We’ll be proud and, we’ll be strong,

And nobody can tell us we are right or wrong!

Do you remember the good times, baby,

All of the battles we won?

Now they… want to shame us again, now, baby,

Seems that we’re back to square one.

But they, cannot keep us down for long, no,

They cannot stop what is right,

It might all be in the dark, now, babe, but it’s…

It’s gonna come to the light!

We are all…


They’re not the right side of history, no,


Every word they speak is just pure sophistry


They can’t fight what’s real and true!


I think that you feel it too

Come on baby, come with me,

We were meant to be wild and free,

They’ll try and run us… out of town,

But they are never ever gonna keep us down

They say they’re fighting for rights, but truth is…

Their movement’s all a disguise,

With everything that they’ve built, they’ve built it,

On tricky wordplay and lies,

But they… they can change all the words they want, but,

They can’t change reality

It’s not a “genital preference,” no, it’s…

My… sexuality!

We are all…


No more hiding… No more hate!


Doesn’t matter if you’re gay or bi or straight,


Shout it out loud, to the skies!


The truth is gonna arise

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Ehh... this is a good song, but it's not exactly what I'm going for. I'm hoping to acquire some female vocalists for this project. Also, it's not just about being "manly." It's supposed to be something lesbians and gays can sing along with as well.

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It's supposed to be something lesbians and gays can sing along with as well.

They can do the refrain apologizing for the tranny plague. I mean, this is a pretty good case for why LGB wasn't a good idea either, it led to LGBTQIA+ bullshit.

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It's not their fault trannies exist. And hell, they're hurt more by trannies than us straight men. Just try to find a lesbian dating app that isn't crawling with men in skirts, these days.

Don't confuse the T with the rest of the LGB. That's just what the trannies want you to think, that they're all the same. In reality, trannies are a cancer on the gay and women's rights movement: a malignant growth that kills the host organism by sucking away resources, and tries to protect itself by rendering itself indistinguishable from the host organism it is trying to kill. Don't be fooled.

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It's not their fault trannies exist

I'm not so sure. I look at the language being used to describe people against trans hysteria, they say we're hateful and transphobic. You know where I heard that before? When the gays and lesbians were first campaigning for "rights." And what evil monster could possibly be for enacting hateful legislation! That just sounds foolish, doesn't it?

Except now they're trotting out the same arguments. And where there was once LGB, now there is LGBT. The old fears were they were going to influence our children. Well, they fucking ended up doing just what the old "homophobia" said they would, didn't they?

LGB most definitely led to trannyism. We tried celebrating sexual deviancy and it didn't work out so well. The whole rainbow needs to go.

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You know where I heard that before? When the gays and lesbians were first campaigning for "rights."

Idk, to me that was at least somewhat about rights. Gay people wanted to be able to get married, and they were forbidden from doing so, for no good reason that I can think of.

Trans people aren't really lacking any 'rights', they just want to force people to use certain pronouns. Trans people are allowed to marry, and they are allowed to take their hormones, have surgeries and play dress-up. They can't even lose their jobs for doing it or be denied services or housing, its legally discrimination.

LGBTQ whatevers have all the same rights we have now, and that is the problem with the advocacy - they got their equal rights. There isn't anything legitimate left to complain about, so they bitch and moan that other people won't renounce their belief in basic biology, and actively participate in their roleplaying, rather than just allowing it

I also dont want them teaching this crazy shit in schools. People have religious freedom, but we don't let schools proselytize students either.

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The truth is they both always existed as a very tiny minority in the background, but then communists hijacked LGB and made it into a political movement to promote their agenda, and after they no longer had enough traction from that they took over the Ts. There's not even any other reason for them to be grouped together, because they're completely different things; the only thing tying them together is leftists running them over and "advocating" for them.