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    Nice! I'll link it in the sidebar, and I subscribed there.

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    Sorry for the late reply, I decided to disappear for a while after making this post, lol.

    I decided to link all three subs in the sidebar. I do wonder, though, is Technocracy syncretic or is it not? It could be interpreted one of two ways: an electoral process applicable to any economic ideology, or a system in which the Artisan class (or perhaps a new Technocrat class) has supremacy (as opposed to the Capitalist or Worker classes).

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    No worries no hurries.

    I'm going to disappear soon for a while. I have to rebuild my basement, rebuild and cat-proof my studio, make a winter/year round indoor garden, try to break my SaidIt addiction, and finish my first draft of my epic story to share, etc.

    IMO, both, depending on the subjective viewpoint of whether someone is a truth-seeker or not.

    The official narrative is reality to most normies under the technocracy.

    The official narrative, politics, leadership, religion, authority, experts, banksters, corporations, media, etc - are all fucking liars pushing totalitarian blind faith and authoritarian dogma in patriotism, justice, scientism, etc. - to truth-seekers.

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    Ah, good luck with all that. Did your cat by chance wreck the studio? lol

    Yeah, the establishment uses any method they can to get more power. They call themselves Democrats and Republicans, but this ain't a Democratic-Republic. They cling to terms people tend to like, and in the process butcher them.

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    My old cat didn't even get on chairs.

    These 2 young boy cats are climbing EVERYTHING and knocking shit down. It's a problem. Not five minutes ago a metal dish clanged on the floor. At least it wasn't ceramic.

    It's one Zionist corporate war party with two wings.

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    Yes it is.

    Young cats tend to be much more spastic than older ones. Same with dogs. Except chihuahuas, they're always spastic.